The Cost of Non-Compliance

The Cost of Non-Compliance

In today’s environment, facilities are constantly faced with doing more with less; be that time, a skilled and trained workforce, or cost-effective products to get the job done. It is no wonder with these constant reductions and increased expectations, lack of consistency in cleanliness and appearance can be an unintended consequence. The lack of prescribed products and an established procedure can not only lead to inconsistency in cleanliness and appearance, but can also affect your bottom line.

Diversey has worked closely with numerous customers to develop a cleaning program that addresses consistency of cleaning, effectiveness of the process and efficiency of the workforce. An integrated solution, combining the right mix of a prescribed product and procedure aims to improve the day-to-day appearance of the floor, provide visibility of workforce activities and adherence to the program, and reduce costs without compromising quality. Customers who have implemented the program have reaped the rewards of 25% savings on floor care cleaning and maintenance.

The product mix consists of the following:

TASKI IntelliPad®

Developed to provide superior and consistent cleaning performance, IntelliPad enhances the clarity and gloss of treated floors. IntelliPads are made from a blend of resin and diamonds, which are less abrasive than aluminum oxide (used in standard red pads). IntelliPads keep the floor finish smoother to avoid dirt embedment when compared to traditional cleaning. With a life span of approximately three times that of a traditional red pad, IntelliPads result in increased efficiency for a better value. The IntelliPad can be used for daily cleaning, as well as burnishing.

Revive® Plus SC Cleaner/Rejuvenator

Revive Plus is a cleaner/rejuvenator that enhances floor appearance while maintaining a cleaner floor for longer. This unique formula was designed to repair microscopic scratches, maintaining the gloss of the floor. Revive Plus ‘pops’ the gloss when used with the IntelliPad and autoscrubber. This formula can be used daily without risk of the floor browning out. Revive Plus is available in four different pack sizes, including TASKI IntelliDoseTM.

TASKI IntelliTrailTM

TASKI IntelliTrail is a web based tracking solution which enables monitoring and aids in fleet management of your autoscrubber. This technology provides access to machine data including geographical position, run time and critical service information. This data allows for efficient machine and workforce management, reducing total cost of ownership and enhance quality of service.

Customers that have implemented this integrated solution now have a standardized process – monitored and measured, a consistent floor appearance over a longer period and reduced cleaning time, resulting in a 25% savings on floor care cleaning and maintenance.

Drive compliance and cost savings today – contact your Diversey representative today to learn more.

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The Cost of Non-Compliance

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The Cost of Non-Compliance
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