Spartan Chemical release

MAUMEE, OH — Spartan Chemical Company Inc. is happy to announce the recent re-certification of the entire sales team as Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) ISSA Certification Experts (I.C.E.). Dedicating a significant portion of the national sales meeting to ISSA and Dave Frank, 76 Spartan Chemical Company team members learned about the CIMS program and the new criteria that is now included as part of the GB (Green Building) certification option.

Once again, Spartan''s actions demonstrate active support of ISSA; the promotion of professionalism in our industry; and a more sustainable environment. With this ongoing training, our people in the field are poised to support Spartan Distributors and end-users as they migrate to greener cleaning products and programs.

Spartan Chemical Company, Inc., with corporate headquarters, manufacturing and distribution facilities in Maumee, Ohio, is an international manufacturer of chemical specialty maintenance products.

Complete list of Spartan''s new Industry Certification Experts:

Celusta, Chris – Maumee, OH
Cox, David - San Antonio, TX
Ellison, Jack – Berlin, CT
Fabian, Mike– Maumee, OH
Ford, Greg– Maumee, OH
Ippolito, Vince– Maumee, OH
LeMasters, Lee– Maumee, OH
Lujan, Dale – Taylorsville, KY
Reed, Dave – West Chester, OH
Schauff, John– Maumee, OH
Seal, Skip – Tulsa, OK
Serio, Tina– Maumee, OH
Stewart, Bill – Fountain Hills, AZ
Swigart, John– Maumee, OH
Trevisani, Frank – Utica, NY
Anders, John – Baton Rouge, LA
Anderson, Jay – Scranton, PA
Arnold, Denny – Denver, CO
Blackwell, Mark – Atlanta, GA
Brennan, Dennis – Detroit, MI
Brown, Dax – Louisville, KY
Brown, Jamie – Tampa, FL
Brown, Jessy – Lubbock, TX
Bruer, Bob – Minneapolis, MN
Ciptak, Brandon – Las Vegas, NV
Collins, Mark – Rochester, NY
Cresswell, Scott – Seattle, WA
Cresswell, Walter – Miami, FL
DiNapoli, John – Boston, MA
Drake, David – Brazil, South America
Dunlap, Mike – Columbia, SC
Etheredge, Rollin – Pensacola, FL
Fondren, Ralph – Washington, DC
Ford, Gary – Fort Wayne, IN
Franz, Matthew – Phoenix, AZ
Garlington, Mark – Birmingham, AL
Heintz, Nick – San Antonio, TX
Jones, David – Houston, TX
Jones, George – Little Rock, AR
Lane, Rick – Cincinnati, OH
Larson, Darwin – Fargo, ND
Leadingham, Ryan – San Francisco, CA
Link, Bruce – Chattanooga, TN
Lisiecki, Peter – Connecticut
Mangum, Bryan – Salt Lake City, NV
Mayes, Danny – Kansas City, MO
McClatchey, George – Richmond, VA
McFarlane, Tom – Springfield, IL
Mighton, Alan – Cleveland, OH
Miller, Jim – Chicago, IL
Molnar, Rick – Toledo, OH
Moore, Josh – Hattiesburg, MS
Moseley, Bobby – Rockford, IL
Muhr, David – Philadelphia, PA
Nicholls, Deron – Pittsburgh, PA
Nosiglia, Mark – St. Louis, MO
Ortiz, Johnny - Caribbean
Parris, Tom – Milwaukee, WI
Paschall, Jason – Tulsa, OK
Pearson, Denny – Shreveport, LA
Pecora, Robert – Patterson, NJ
Peterson, Doug – Johnson City, TN
Polomene, Kit – New York City, NY
Ramos, Anthony – Brownsville, TX
Riggs, Sandy – Omaha, NE
Roberts, Mac – Charleston, SC
Rodriguez, James – Columbus, OH
Santi, Clement – Memphis, TN
Seabert, Todd – Grand Rapids, MI
Sheehan, Ray – Dallas, TX
Shendrick, Pete – Los Angeles, CA
Sterling, Mike – Orlando, FL
Templeton, Tom – Portland, OR
Traxler, David – Nashville, TN
van Blaricom, Dan – Durham, NC
Weachter, Janet – Lancaster, PA
Willson, Ray – Sacramento, C
Posted On January 12, 2010
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Spartan Chemical release
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