Solutions for Your Top Restroom Care Challenges

Thank you for your interest in the 2016 Cleaning & Maintenance Management Restroom Care Webcast, which was hosted May 26.

Industry experts Charles “Mickey” Crowe, master trainer for the Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) and a recognized industry speaker, writer, and consultant, and Scott Kubec, director of business development for System4 Facility Services, led a prestentation and question and answer session that covered the following restroom care topics:CMM

  • How to develop a workloading plan for facility restrooms, including how to determine frequency and staffing needs
  • How to tackle and prevent common restroom care challenges, such as odor, urine stains, and cleaning grout
  • How to meet facility perception needs within budgeted cleaning parameters.

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Posted On May 6, 2016

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Solutions for Your Top Restroom Care Challenges
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