Selling the Industry

Selling the Industry

By 2020 millennials are positioned to dominate the U.S. workforce. Although the statistics vary from study to study, the bottom line is clear: Millennials are the future to our success.

With that being said, what are you and your teams doing to attract the best and brightest talent to your organization? First, you need to understand them.

A Socially Conscious Generation

Millennials are interested in more than a paycheck; they want to work for a company they can believe in. This is a stark contrast to previous generations. They are looking at your company’s history, mission, and values. If you truly want to attract them, you need to communicate the right message to candidates well before they join your team. Additionally, the millennial generation is socially conscious and makes decisions based on that awareness. Most millennials expect their employers to contribute to a social cause.

Eager for Growth Opportunities

Millennials are willing and eager to work hard, but they want to join a company where they’ll be valued and can grow. This generation has the drive to be successful, but sometimes needs a bit of help figuring out where to put all that energy. A clear path for growth and development is essential to most millennials.

Companies can attract millennials by creating a structure where they can transition to new jobs internally or have rotational assignments. This will not only help them strengthen their skillsets, but also help them discover their passions. Much like a video game with multiple stages, it is critical to identify levels and how to achieve success on those levels. Tuition reimbursement and continued job training are other ways to provide professional development and growth opportunities.

Quick and Easy Communication

We are all familiar with traditional face-to-face discussions, open door chats, conference calls, and email. For millennials, some information is better received in less-than-traditional format, like video conferences, text messaging, and social media outlets. In fact, millennials are two to three times more likely to prefer alternative communication methods compared to Generation X workers and Baby Boomers, according to a 2017 study by CareerBuilder. In the age of cell phones and instant contact with anyone across the globe in a matter of seconds, it is crucial that your communication goes out in many formats and you are also receptive to receiving communication in many formats.

Flexibility and Freedom

One of the biggest advantages the cleaning industry has over others is the deviation from the traditional. The cleaning world is not a 9-to-5 industry, nor does it have the corporate dress code that is less than highly attractive to millennials. Very rarely does cleaning industry management have set hours for the job, since we usually work in time ranges and various shifts, which gives much needed flexibility and is often well-received by the millennial associate.

Easy Application Process

Your job application process needs to be mobile friendly, according to Snagajob, a recruiting resource that focuses on the hourly marketplace. Their 2017 data revealed 82 percent of hourly workers and 90 percent of millennial talent search for jobs on their mobile phone. With that being said, is your job application software mobile friendly or can candidates easily apply for your open positions on a mobile device?

Connect to Your Recruits

The changing demographic of the workforce should be embraced as it is the future, and the future is now. Let’s push forward with attracting, training, and retaining the top millennial talent to this beautiful cleaning industry.

Posted On March 8, 2018

Isaac Johnson

Isaac Johnson is the Midwest Region Council Liaison for IEHA, a division of ISSA, and holds the distinctive Master’s Registered Executive Housekeeper designation.

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Selling the Industry
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