Reimagine Your Business with Tork Digital Cleaning Plans

Reimagine Your Business with Tork Digital Cleaning Plans

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Running a facility service business is a difficult job, and mangers often face countless challenges each day, from finding and keeping clients, to ensuring high quality service, to recruiting and retaining staff. But what if there was a way to better control cleaning operations?

The latest innovation from Tork—Tork Digital Cleaning Plans— delivers on this need. Tork Digital Cleaning Plans is an easy-to-use cleaning management software solution that utilizes smartphones and tablet devices to improve team communication, eliminating the need for manual, administrative tasks. This leads to improved cleaning quality, efficiency, and time savings. The software ensures cleaners always have up-to-date cleaning plans and instructions at hand, can easily keep track of completed and skipped tasks, and can smoothly manage the handover between teams. By making sure everyone is up-to-date on cleaning plans and instructions, Tork Digital Cleaning Plans helps cleaners work smarter and more efficiently while keeping managers fully informed.

What Can Tork Digital Cleaning Plans Do for You and Your Business?

Ensure cleaning plans are always up-to-date: The intuitive interface of Tork Digital Cleaning Plans, including its dashboard function that gives a quick overview of cleaning activities, ensures that cleaning instructions are always up-to-date and readily available.

Communicate with staff in real-time: The ability to message team members at any given time enables managers to spend less time on coordination and check-ups as it allows managers the opportunity to receive real-time updates as well as delegate tasks instantly.

Streamline handovers: The Tork Digital Cleaning Plan software makes tasks simple to understand and handover to other team members easier by allowing management to attach images to instructions.

Simplify follow-up and reporting: The system provides straightforward statistics and pre-defined queries for smoother reporting to clients.

Tork Digital Cleaning Plans is fully compatible with Tork EasyCube®, an industry-leading IoT solution that helps cleaners deliver higher quality with less effort by leveraging real-time data collection via people counters and connected dispensers. When combined, Tork EasyCube and Tork Digital Cleaning Plans allow facilities to achieve even higher efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

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Reimagine Your Business with Tork Digital Cleaning Plans
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