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The Super Coach Pro Advantage

Almost thirty years ago, ProTeam® introduced a game-changing design to the cleaning industry, the lightweight backpack vacuum. Over the years, they have refined their initial concept, making the backpack more powerful, durable, and user-friendly. With the introduction of the Super Coach Pro® in 2012, ProTeam unleashed greater user-comfort than ever before. Here are three cleaning programs that have experienced the Super Coach Pro advantage.


Vanguard Cleaning Systems

Lew Godinho is the Operations Guru for Vanguard Cleaning Systems® of the Central Valley. Godinho supports 47 Vanguard franchise owners in the region and connects them with over 200 clients ranging from corporate office complexes to auto dealerships, healthcare, and light manufacturing facilities. As a part of Vanguard, franchise-owners have access to Vanguard's picks for professional equipment, including the Super Coach Pro 6 from ProTeam.
"ProTeam makes a superior product. They are heavy duty, dependable, comfortable, and an integral component of green cleaning programs," said Godinho. "I know our franchise owners are getting superior results—with less effort—by using ProTeam backpacks."


Sustainable Cleaning Company

Ruben Rives is the owner and founder of H2Only Renewable Cleaning, a contract cleaning company dedicated to safe, effective, and sustainable methods, including using ProTeam backpack vacuums to reduce dust and improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Rives was introduced to backpack vacuums by cleaning consultant Rex Morrison who specializes in school environments. Previously, he used upright vacuums for carpeting and brooms for hard flooring. When his staff swept hard floors, he noticed they were doing more harm than good.
"If you use a broom, you're not really picking up anything. You are just sweeping it into the air, and it's going to settle later. With the backpack, you pick up more dirt and dust faster. It's very important that you pick up more dust because of allergies," said Rives. "ProTeam backpacks are easier to manage. They are more ergonomic, so there is less strain for the people who wear them."

Student Union Building

Kurt Oglesby manages custodial operations for the student union building of a large university in Washington. Like many large schools, the university mandates that green chemicals and equipment be used on campus including CRI-approved vacuums, which must pass stringent independent laboratory testing. In addition to the university's requirements, Oglesby has his own priorities when it comes choosing a vacuum.
"There's a lot of repeat motion and stress injuries in the cleaning industry," said Oglesby. "In looking out for my employees, I make sure they have ergonomic equipment to protect them and make their jobs easier."


Looking to give his employees the latest ergonomic innovation, Oglesby adopted the Super Coach Pro 6. Its FlexFit® articulating harness takes the already ergonomic backpack design to a new level of comfort.
“The harness is superior,” said Oglesby. “It moves with you and doesn’t pull against the body. There is articulation between the upper and lower portions of the harness letting the custodian bend and move without the vacuum shifting around.”
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Posted On March 28, 2016
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ProTeam - The Super Coach Pro Advantage
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