ProTeam® FreeFlex® Cordless/Corded Upright Vacuum

From the company with over three decades of experience creating innovative vacuums, the FreeFlex takes upright vacuuming to new heights. A cordless upright with the option to plug in for continuous cleaning, the FreeFlex gives cleaners the versatility to tackle any situation where an upright fits best.

Longest Upright Runtime
The FreeFlex boasts the longest upright runtime on the market. Its state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery provides approximately 72 minutes of continuous cleaning with 108 minutes to bring back to full charge.

Safer Vacuuming
When on battery power, the FreeFlex improves vacuuming safety by removing the potential tripping hazard of a cord. Cleaners can maneuver around obstacles without getting tangled, and they can clean near building occupants without worry.

Lightweight and Lighter Weight
Due to its innovative design, the FreeFlex weighs only 17.6 pounds with the battery and 13.9 pounds on corded power. Its compact body lays flat to clean under furniture and obstacles. A soft carrying handle allows for easy and comfortable transportation.

Easy to Use Upright
Ready to use out of the box, the FreeFlex requires little to no training for users to operate effectively. An animated dashboard eliminates guesswork by showing when the vacuum is operating normally and alerting the user to a brush roll jam. The brush roll removes with the push of a button – no tools required.

Flexible Power
With the Free Flex upright, the cleaner has the option to go cordless or plug into an outlet when needed. When connected to the power cord, the FreeFlex can run on low or high power. The high power setting gives a boost in suction when needed.

Coming in 2019
The FreeFlex cordless/corded upright vacuum will be available in early 2019. Until then, learn more here:


Posted On November 26, 2018
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ProTeam® FreeFlex® Cordless/Corded Upright Vacuum
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ProTeam® FreeFlex® Cordless/Corded Upright Vacuum

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ProTeam® FreeFlex® Cordless/Corded Upright Vacuum
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