Post Signs Without Damaging School Surfaces

Post Signs Without Damaging School Surfaces

Upon entering a K-12 school or college campuses, you will find sings posted throughout. From the front gate and front office to classrooms, break rooms and conference rooms—not to mention gymnasiums and libraries—signs abound.

These signs are used many ways, whether informally, formally, or mandated by law. In offices or classrooms, signs establish rules or procedures, request sign-in, as well as inform or teach. In hallways and common areas, signs notify or remind. Across campus, signs provide directional guidance, identify events or locations, call out points of interest, or specify areas as dangerous or off-limits, which is vital when construction or remodeling is underway.

Material Matters

As information changes and requires updating, permanent signs are usually not the best option for schools. Administrators need temporary signs that present a professional image, are durable enough for high-traffic areas, yet are easy to remove from surfaces. Unfortunately, many temporary signs can cause considerable damage when they are tacked, nailed, or screwed to walls, glass, or equipment. Taping them to surfaces leaves behind unsightly residual adhesive.

To avoid costly surface repairs and repainting, use commercial-grade sign labels with adhesive engineered to stick securely yet remove cleanly without damaging surfaces. Choose labels made of durable material that resists water, chemicals and even abrasion.

“Commercial-grade labels used as signage must be more durable than those for lower-use areas, but also should remove cleanly when they need to come down,” says Tina Huff, Group Product Manager at Avery Products Corp. “Achieving that balance is harder than it sounds.”

Sign labels are available in a variety of sizes and print easily on standard laser or inkjet printers. Unlike standard office labels with a paper substrate, the topcoat of the commercial-grade sign labels is waterproof and chemical resistant, while its polyester substrate is a durable, scuff and tear-resistant film.

Customize Your Signage

Customizable label signs are ideal for safety-related signage mandated by regulation or required by educational policy. For instance, administrators, facility managers, and safety officers will want signs compliant with OSHA 1910.145 (Specifications for Accident Prevention Signs and Tags) and ANSI Z535.4 (Product Safety Signs and Labels).

Although standardized safety signs can be purchased out of catalogs, you may need to modify or customize mandated signage as conditions or formats change. Customizable label signs are ideal for areas with changing conditions because you print them yourself. There is no need for a specialized sign and label printer, software, labels, and ribbons. Educators and support staff can create and print their own informal, formal, or compliant labels from predesigned templates or create them step-by-step on demand at a desk or service counter. Most find the process intuitive, since it resembles creating an office document from predesigned templates.

With the variety of signage used throughout school and college campuses, the ability to conveniently print new sign labels in minutes and cleanly remove the old ones will go a long way toward keeping educational facilities up-to-date and professional without the hassle, mess, or cost of traditional signs



Posted On January 24, 2019

Tina Huff

Tina Huff, Group Product Manager, Avery Products Corp.

Tina Huff is the group product manager at Avery Products Corp. She spearheads the development of innovative labeling and identification products for the workplace.

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Post Signs Without Damaging School Surfaces
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