Outsourcing Specific Facility Services

Subcontracting can offer advantages when it comes to cost and results.


One of the greatest responsibilities a facility or property manager has is to ensure that the premises are properly maintained.

From restrooms and floors, to exteriors and sidewalks, making the right first impression on clients and visitors is crucial to the success of the businesses that use the facilities.

Smaller daily cleaning tasks can and should be left up to janitorial staff, but bigger and more complicated tasks can increasingly be taken care of by outside specialty cleaning companies.

Subcontracting work to a specialty cleaning company can offer an advantage for property and facility managers, both in terms of cost and service.

The Rise Of Specialty Services

In recent years we have seen a marked increase in interest and demand for specialty cleaning services coming from property, facility and custodial managers.

In fact, more work was performed for facility managers last year than in any other year we’ve been in business.

This appears to represent a welcome philosophical shift.

Facility managers are more aware than ever of the increased cost of insurance and workers’ compensation.

Subcontracting to a professional cleaning company that specializes in these tasks lowers the chances of having an issue or injury due of lack of experience on the part of the janitorial staff.

Using a company offers better coverage should such an incident occur.

There has also been more recognition that managers overseeing facilities or properties in multiple states can outsource specialty cleaning services to a company with a presence across multiple states.

This ensures a uniformity of service that they would not be able to achieve otherwise.

Specialty Subcontractors

Most commonly, facility managers subcontract specialty cleaning services like interior and exterior window cleaning, pressure washing, concrete or hard surface cleaning for the exterior of a building, building washing and, depending on the type of building, gutter cleaning.

For these kinds of services, which go above and beyond the typical range of cleaning tasks assigned to regular janitorial staff, managers can reap the benefit of using their time in the best and most efficient way possible.

Subcontracting to a specialty cleaning service means the facility manager is working with people for whom these services are their area of expertise, and who are experienced in performing these tasks safely and thus can accomplish them efficiently.

A service such as exterior window washing may seem straightforward enough, but it is not simply a matter of climbing up a ladder.

There are risks incurred and skills involved in performing what may, on the surface, seem like a simple cleaning task.

Specialty cleaning service providers are familiar with the risks and the proper procedures for performing these tasks, and because of that, are also better insured and prepared in the unlikely event of an accident, fall or injury.

That is an advantage, but it also means facility managers need to make sure they’re hiring reputable specialty cleaners.

Reliable companies will have sufficient insurance with workers’ compensation and liability policies.

High Standards & Innovation

Trustworthy specialty cleaning companies will also be able to provide high quality workers for each project.

Companies should perform thorough background checks on their employees before they are hired, with specific emphasis on theft and sexual assault, so they can ensure that the most reliable and honest employees are being sent to complete every job.

By hiring a company that upholds high hiring standards, facility managers are not only ensuring the good character of the people performing the work, but can also rest assured that an experienced professional is completing the task thoroughly and correctly the first time.

Hiring a reliable and professional specialty cleaning crew is especially crucial because that brand will then be tied to the company for whom they are providing cleaning services.

For the consumer or client, there is a direct correlation between the strength, reliability and responsibility of the company represented by the facility manager and the strength, reliability and responsibility of the company hired.

Managers should look for professional, branded and informed cleaning companies that will represent their facility and business in a positive way while they’re doing work on the premises.

Finally, hiring an outside specialty cleaning company gives facility managers access to new technology and cleaning products they may not know about.

There is constant innovation in the cleaning industry with a large and steady stream of new chemicals, products and technologies to clean deeper and more efficiently.

It is not a facility manager’s job to know about all of these innovations; it is the responsibility of the cleaning company.

The best way to take advantage of the newest technology and products is to outsource this specialty work to a professional company.

When it comes to the upkeep and appearance of buildings, what may seem initially like an extra expense can turn out to be a money saver in the long term for facility managers.

Hiring an outside specialty cleaning company to help maintain a property provides cleaning and other specialty services to be completed safely, efficiently and to the highest standards.

It is an investment that can pay dividends to a business year round.

Establishing a relationship with such a service is a small investment in comparison to the value added to a building and business.


Posted On March 8, 2014

Rik Nonelle

Founder and CEO of Window Genie

Rik Nonelle is founder and CEO of Window Genie, a mobile cleaning services solutions company specializing in cleaning services for residential and commercial clients, including window washing and tinting, gutter cleaning, pressure washing and more. Nonelle founded Window Genie in 1994 and launched its franchising program in 1998. The company has 65 franchise owners operating 140 units in 28 states and plans to expand in 2014. For more information, call (800) 700-0022 or visit

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Outsourcing Specific Facility Services
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