Odor Control

In Focus February 2017

Spartan Chemical Co., Inc.: Air neutralizer 

Clear Air Odor Eliminator RTU Handi-Spray® is a ready-to-use air neutralizer that traps and removes odor from the air, reducing malodors present in the room. The long lasting citrus fragrance of Clear Air Odor Eliminator neutralizes odor, leaving the room smelling crisp, clean, and fresh.

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Nilodor, Inc.: Deodorizer

BioBREAK™ is a multipurpose deodorizer with advanced bacteria strains and odor counteractant to eliminate odors at their source. It can deodorize a wide variety of surfaces, including hard surfaces, carpeting, and drains. This product may be used in combination with most carpet care chemicals, and is available in quarts and gallons. BioBREAK™ is a Green Seal GS-53-certified biological product.

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Freshwave IAQ: Odor control

Fresh Wave IAQ Pearl Packs for vacuums eliminates exhaust odors that may occur during vacuuming. Place one scoop of Vacuum Pearls into your vacuum bag or canister and repeat this task every 30 days or as needed. Fresh Wave IAQ odor eliminating products are nontoxic and effective on both organic and nonorganic odors.

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Georgia-Pacific Professional: Air care system

The ActiveAire® system is a suite of air care products designed to tackle one of the top public restroom complaints: odor. The system includes solutions for inside the stall as well as on the wall in coordinated scents for facility cohesion.

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P&G Professional: Fabric refresher

Using a fine mist to eliminate odors, Febreze Fabric Refresher is ideal for eliminating odors on hard-to-clean fabrics like furniture upholstery, bedding, carpets, and window treatments. Spray it directly on fabrics until slightly damp, and the product will eliminate odors as it dries. Refresher formulas include Sleep Serenity, Extra Strength, Scent Free, Antimicrobial, and Heavy Duty.

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Rubbermaid Commercial Products: Air care system

The Scentelligent Wide Area air care system connects to an integrated, global network via the web, enabling each fixture to communicate with a centralized command center and the user’s Smartphone. This ensures custodial staff can monitor and proactively maintain fragrance levels. Six Yankee Candle fragrances are available, so organizations can match their preferred scent to their brands’ personality.

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Vectair Systems: Odor control

VIBE® Aircare Dispenser utilizes Vibrating Mesh Technology, allowing for consistent fragrance due to micro particles that are small, light, and airborne. Users can fully program and set VIBE® to their preferences. Fragrance formulations are free of VOCs, with one refill lasting up to two months. One VIBE® can replace up to three aerosol dispensers or six passive dispensers, making it a cost-effective option.

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Clorox Professional Products Co.: Odor eliminator

Clorox® Odor Defense Spray is a new product that is formulated to identify, capture, and eliminate odor-causing molecules in commercial settings. The full line includes an aerosol spray; an air and fabric trigger spray, which can be used to control airborne odors in addition to odors on soft surfaces; and another aerosol spray with a timed meter to remove recurring malodor in trouble areas like restrooms.

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Odor Control
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