No Man Wants To Stand In Another Man's Pee 


WIZKID ANTIMICROBIAL MATS are designed to protect floors from puddles, odors, and stains. Each mat is loaded with a strong antimicrobial to stop odors from starting or spreading. The carpet-like texture gives it a premium presentation and is a step above traditional pads. Designed with a non-slip backing it stays in place no matter where you use it. No maintenance, air dries like an entryway mat and just clean around them as needed.

The SPLASH HOG VERTICAL URINAL SCREEN is the only vertical urinal screen on the market and stops splashback where guys actually aim. It is embedded with a 60-day fragrance. It is also loaded with an enzymatic drain cleaner to reduce build-up down the line. Learn more at


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No Man Wants To Stand In Another Man's Pee 
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