Midlab, Inc. Announces the PLUS Label System

Midlab, Inc. Announces the PLUS Label System

Cleaning doesn’t need to be complicated. But step into any custodian’s closet and you’ll find that choosing the proper cleaning product can be a lot like looking for a needle in a haystack, and the difficulties continue once you find it. Knowing how to use a cleaner and in what amount is not easy and involves comprehensive training for your staff.

No wonder cleaning products are notoriously misused by cleaning crews worldwide. This wasted product and productivity costs the industry valuable money and time every year. Anything from poor communication to ambiguous instructions to language barriers can be attributed to product misuse and create waste.

Introducing the PLUS Label System
The PLUS Label System was created around the belief that cleaning products should be simpler, safer and more efficient. The PLUS Label System ensures that Midlab’s “Everything Clean” promise is upheld through all stages of the cleaning process.

In order to clean correctly, proper product usage is critical. Research shows that 4 out of 5 cleaning professionals misuse cleaning products. However, a recent study revealed that cleaning products featuring the PLUS Label System lead to correct usage 80% of the time. Misusing cleaning products increases the chance that cleaning crews will be exposed to harmful chemicals, hazardous spills and more. The innovative labels ensure that cleaning crews will feel confident using any Plus-labeled cleaning product.

For maximum efficiency, the PLUS Label System also shortens training time for staff members. By using both text and visual elements on the labels, PLUS-labeled products clearly demonstrate proper usage steps for all team members. This ease in training saves valuable time and money and will revolutionize the way people think about cleaning.

The PLUS Label System is now available exclusively on Maxim products from Midlab. Integrating the new PLUS Label System into the extensive Maxim product line makes the products safer, easier to use and more efficient.

For more information on the PLUS Label System visit or contact a Midlab representative at 800.467.6294. Visit booth 2808 at ISSA Show 2018 to learn more.

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Posted On October 4, 2018

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Midlab, Inc. Announces the PLUS Label System
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