MAL-GRIT™ is Perfect for Any Floor Cleaning Challenge

MAL-GRIT™ is Perfect for Any Floor Cleaning Challenge

The Malish Corporation MAL-GRIT™ line of color-coded rotary brushes is constructed of self-replenishing silicon carbide-impregnated nylon bristles. An investment in these products means investing in unmatched value that will outlast floor pads 100 to 1. More than a long life, however, MAL-GRIT™ products offer convenience and effectiveness.

Products in this family of products cover every possible floor cleaning application, ranging from an easy scrubbing to a tough floor stripping project:

  • MAL-GRIT LITE™: The MAL-GRIT Lite™, which has red bristles, is perfect for light floor scrubbing. The grit size is 500. This product offers the durability of grit brushes but is gentle enough to use on tile, marble, terrazzo, and non-slip epoxy surfaces.
  • CLEAN-GRIT™: CLEAN-GRIT™ is perfect for regular maintenance and medium scrubbing applications. Its bristles are blue and the grit size is 180. It is flexible enough to handle thin grout lines uneven surfaces.
  • MAL-GRIT SCRUB™: The green brush, MAL-GRIT SCRUB™ is what to use for general scrubbing applications. The grit is 120. The small diameter offers flexibility while the grit size offers exceptional scrubbing capability.
  • MAL-GRIT™: MAL-GRIT™ is suited for stripping applications. This black rotary brush has a grit of 80. MAL-GRIT™ can effectively clean wide grout lines.
  • MAL-GRIT XTRA™: The toughest hard floor cleaning applications call for MAL-GRIT XTRA™. Boasting a grit size of 46, this product can be used both for stripping and scrubbing. This brush is perfect for concrete floors in an industrial setting.

MAL-GRIT™ products feature The Malish proprietary water and chemical-resistant TUFF-BLOCK® which further enhances the life expectancy of the products.All MAL-GRIT™ products must be used in a wet environment. The use of moisture during floor stripping and heavy scrubbing assists in reducing dust.

Color coding the product line makes identifying each product easy. Associating a color with a specific application can be easier than having to select a product oneself or having to remember a product name.

Effective, long-lasting, and easy to use, MAL-GRIT™ is the solution to every floor cleaning problem.

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MAL-GRIT™ is Perfect for Any Floor Cleaning Challenge
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