Maintain Productivity During Spring Cleaning With The Right Vacuum

Profitability depends on productivity in the commercial cleaning industry. Yet cleaning expenses can rise with the increased cleaning needs that come with seasonal transitions. You can maintain or improve your productivity levels regardless of the weather by providing your staff with the most efficient cleaning tools.


If your toolkit doesn’t yet include cordless vacuums, it may be time to consider their contribution to cleaning efficiency and your firm’s bottom line. Cordless vacuums unleash productivity by allowing staff to safely and easily vacuum without navigating outlets and managing long and unsafe cords. In the past, cordless vacuums were sometimes associated with heavy, small-capacity batteries, light-duty cleaning, low run times and long recharge times. Now, you can harness the productivity of going cordless without compromising.


The new Sanitaire® QUICKBOOST™ cordless upright lets you say goodbye to the limits of previous cordless vacuums. Efficiently clean multiple entryways, lobbies, rooms and hallways with its extended run time and quick charge. And the agile QUICKBOOST™ weighs just 12 pounds, allowing your staff to grab it and clean with comfort and ease.


Productivity is further enhanced by another QUICKBOOST™ feature – LEED-qualified operational sound levels below 70 dBA. Quiet cleaning means your staff doesn’t need to stop cleaning guest rooms, classrooms or medical stay rooms during busy times or at night. In addition, the QUICKBOOST’s Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI)-rated cleaning performance and LED-powered night vision mean cleaning staff can see what needs to be cleaned, and they have the power to get the job done.


Cleaning industry expert Mickey Crowe recently estimated that costs associated with labor and benefits can account for up to 90 percent of cleaning costs, and the AICS Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Time and Motion Study determined that commercial cleaning crews achieved 20 percent more vacuum coverage in an hour with cordless vacuums versus corded models. Keep your labor costs low and your staff productivity high, whatever the season, with the right vacuum — the new Sanitaire® QUICKBOOST™ cordless upright.

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Maintain Productivity During Spring Cleaning With The Right Vacuum
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