Keep Your Supply Closet Organized With Routine Inspections

Various cleaning supplies including vacuum, bucket, brushes, chemicals

You’ve completed a successful spring cleaning and reduced the amount of cleaning products in your facility’s custodial closet. Congratulations! The closet will effortlessly stay clean and organized, right? Wrong!

In a few months your organized closet can creep back into disarray if you’re not careful. Review this checklist to prevent from slipping back into old, disorderly habits:

  • Implement regular housekeeping. Are the custodial closets staying orderly and chemicals easy to identify? If not, take a few moments to restore order.
  • Check for product consistency. Stay the course. Don’t let old, favorite products sneak back in.
  • Keep up with regular training. Are the new durables like microfiber and self-cleaning surfaces being used appropriately?
  • Check in with staff. Quarterly and semi-annual tasks are not forever; leadership must follow up to ensure program adherence.
  • Explore your shopping options. With new chemical programs, try to buy appropriate amounts in bulk, or perhaps try on-site generation tools for cost savings.


Posted On April 20, 2018
Jess Baidwan

Jess Baidwan

Jess J. Baidwan is the custodial supervisor for Southern Ute Indian Tribe. He has the Certified Executive Housekeeper designation with IEHA, a division of ISSA, and a trainer with ISSA’s Cleaning Management Institute.

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Keep Your Supply Closet Organized With Routine Inspections
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