Keep Your Supply Closet Organized With Routine Inspections

Various cleaning supplies including vacuum, bucket, brushes, chemicals

You’ve completed a successful spring cleaning and reduced the amount of cleaning products in your facility’s custodial closet. Congratulations! The closet will effortlessly stay clean and organized, right? Wrong!

In a few months your organized closet can creep back into disarray if you’re not careful. Review this checklist to prevent from slipping back into old, disorderly habits:

  • Implement regular housekeeping. Are the custodial closets staying orderly and chemicals easy to identify? If not, take a few moments to restore order.
  • Check for product consistency. Stay the course. Don’t let old, favorite products sneak back in.
  • Keep up with regular training. Are the new durables like microfiber and self-cleaning surfaces being used appropriately?
  • Check in with staff. Quarterly and semi-annual tasks are not forever; leadership must follow up to ensure program adherence.
  • Explore your shopping options. With new chemical programs, try to buy appropriate amounts in bulk, or perhaps try on-site generation tools for cost savings.


Jess Baidwan
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Keep Your Supply Closet Organized With Routine Inspections
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