ISSA and WBA Announce Merger

ISSA, the worldwide cleaning association, and the Workloader Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) announced their future merger by signing a memorandum of understanding this week at ISSA/INTERCLEAN 2017.

“This merger will enable ISSA and WBA to provide focused education and tools that facility service providers need to improve their operational efficiency,” said Brant Insero, ISSA director of education, training, certifications, and standards.

“Workloading is the foundation that a successful and profitable cleaning program is built on,” said Sean Fox-Elster, WBA president. “With labor comprising 80 percent or more of a cleaning budget, it’s surprising that there is no comprehensive, professional workloading certification or educational program. The merger of the WBA and ISSA will fill that gap and help to improve skills in the profession as a whole.”

About the WBA
The Workloader Benchmarking Alliance is a nonprofit resource for quantifying and disseminating ideas and practices for workloading labor across multiple industries.



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ISSA and WBA Announce Merger
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