Illinois State University Re-Energizes Their Cleaning Program by Embracing Simplicity

EnvirOx H2Orange2 cleaner

Every day, Lee Fox’s staff was facing a closet full of cleaning products, each with their own instructions and warnings. It made training more difficult. And it made the daily task of cleaning the Illinois State University campus more complicated than it needed to be. As the Assistant Superintendent of Building Services, Fox knew the job would only get harder as enrollment increased steadily every year.

The Solution

EnvirOx sent a Regional Sales Manager and a representative from ISU’s local distributor to the campus. After evaluating the needs of Fox’s staff, they recommended H20range2 Concentrate 117 for general cleaning and sanitizing in combination with Mineral Shock for heavy duty mineral deposits.

“My favorite thing about it was the multiple uses of it. You could use it on the floors, the carpet, in the bathroom, or to clean the walls,” said Fox.

One of the issues the EnvirOx team noticed while at ISU was residue build-up. The previous cleaning products were leaving sticky residue behind, which attracted dirt and built up into layers. This left floors and surfaces looking dirty even after cleaning. With H2Orange2, ISU was able to cut through the residue and restore the surfaces as well as provide daily cleaning with no residue build-up.

“It’s really helped with grout in the restroom areas. It’s also helped with carpets. It does a great job removing carpet spots,” said Fox.

The Results

“Having a product that’s multiple use is great. You don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for other products to do a certain task when that one product can solve just about all your tasks,” Fox said. “We were able to eliminate seven different products from our lineup.” He said training was much easier, especially with the support EnvirOx provides. In addition to training materials, EnvirOx’s Regional Sales Manager coordinates training sessions two times a year.

“[They] send us training cards. We have them displayed in the janitor and supply closets, and we have lanyards with the little cards that tell you how to use the chemical efficiently and what is the purpose of using it,” said Fox. He takes pride in the difference his staff has made for ISU. “It’s a great environment, and I enjoy the service we provide for our customers. We make a lot of people happy.”

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Illinois State University Re-Energizes Their Cleaning Program by Embracing Simplicity
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