How Augmented Reality Stands to Impact the JanSan Industry

How Augmented Reality Stands to Impact the JanSan Industry

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Technology advancements have affected nearly every aspect of nearly every sector of business. For example, consider the multiple ways in which the dawning of the internet has influenced how consumers purchase products from start to finish, including the research, comparison, and end purchase stages.

While it may not seem as if the packaging and label industry has experienced similar changes, nearly every aspect of a label is affected in some way by recent leaps in technology. Perhaps most significant is the way digital technology has enabled companies to provide on-demand product features and information, easily accessible via an augmented reality (AR) label. AR labeling provides interactive, informational content on-demand, when the consumer scans a code with a mobile device.

How Can the Janitorial and Sanitation Industry Benefit from AR?

While excellent examples of innovative, immersive customer experiences via AR abound among the food and beverage, wine, and personal product industries, it may not be immediately clear how AR can benefit a practical industry like janitorial and sanitation. However, just like we’ve learned how much packaging and labeling have benefited from technological advancements, we’ve also come to realize just how much JanSan stands to benefit from AR.

Many products in the JanSan industry are comprised of a host of different chemicals of various compositions, with some differing only by a few key ingredients. As such, their ideal uses and the safety measures required of each vary—sometimes widely so—among products manufactured by the same brand.

Imagine the benefit of quickly disseminating all necessary product information in an instant so that consumers can have knowledge at the tips of their fingers.

Uses for AR in the JanSan Industry

While some brands have attempted to provide additional product information in the past—usually via a link to a website the user then has to navigate independently before sifting through the contents of the site as a whole to find the pertinent information—AR provides a much more user-friendly and thorough approach. With a single scan of a product code on the label, the brand’s app will appear, able to feature product information, safety data, and more.

Far from providing a link to an external website, AR delivers information to consumers in an instant and can be utilized to access a host of different product-specific features. For JanSan, AR uses can include video, 3D modeling, and product information.

In fact, the sky’s the limit regarding the amount and type of additional information that can be included with AR. Consult with a labeling expert for even more ideas regarding potential JanSan uses.

For more information about how augmented reality labeling can benefit your janitorial or sanitation industry business, contact Century Label today.

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How Augmented Reality Stands to Impact the JanSan Industry
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