Growing Your Building Services Business

Growing Your Building Services Business

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Managing the cleaning for one facility is challenging, let alone the cleaning and upkeep for multiple properties. When you factor in intense price-based competition, rising labor costs, limited capital, and operating budgets, the barriers to maintaining and expanding your business can start to seem insurmountable.

Let’s first review the current state of affairs.

The takeaway: you must do more with less to expand your business. Options to expand your client base vary in level of difficulty and feasibility. See graphic to the left. While the quickest way to grow might be through mergers and acquisitions, it’s not a practical option for many. That leaves the more moderate option of targeting new clients, followed by the most manageable route — expanding your service offering to your existing clients.

According to the CMM 2018 BSC/Cleaning Contractor Benchmarking Survey, 63% of BSCs/cleaning contractors differentiate themselves through value-added services.

Here’s a rundown of special services that BSCs already offer or plan to offer:

  • Carpet cleaning: 88%
  • Floor finishes stripping/application: 86%
  • Window cleaning: 74%
  • Stone/marble/tile care: 52%
  • Concrete polishing and restoration: 38%

To at least keep pace with competitors, you need to not only match their services but also think beyond the traditional provisions. Stone/marble/tile care and concrete polishing and restoration pose potential opportunities for growth.

Don’t have the equipment to provide these services? Leverage the growing trend of equipment rental. Despite this being a relatively new concept in the facilities maintenance world, many BSCs are reaping the benefits of renting instead of buying. In addition to decreasing capital expenditures and eliminating the costs associated with ownership, such as maintenance, insurance, transportation, training, and storage, rental provides flexibility and allows you to access the optimal machine for a task. Instead of forcing a unit to accommodate a job it’s not intended for or maybe not even safe to use for certain applications, tap into the expansive fleet of options offered by rental providers.

In addition to supplementing your owned fleet, rental also allows you to evaluate certain products before investing and increases your uptime by providing ready access to backup equipment.

Learn more at booth #2627 during ISSA Show 2019.


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Growing Your Building Services Business
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