Grout Doubts & Odor Obstacles: CMM's 2019 Restroom Care Webinar

Dirty, ugly grout and offensive urine odors can ruin restroom experiences in any facility. 

Watch this CMM webinar, sponsored by Kaivac, Tork, and WizKid, to learn how to clean grout so it looks like new again and tackle tough odors that are offensive to facility users.

From in-house custodial professionals to building service contractors, all types of facility service providers will benefit from this hour-long webinar featuring three Q&As sessions.

Experts Stan Hulin, president, Future Floor Technology Inc., and Chris Wallace, assistant director, Custodial Operations, Wake Forest University, teach you how to tackle these two most common challenges associated with restroom care.  

1. Grout: You will learn basic concepts of effectively cleaning and restoring heavily soiled grout on restroom floors.

2. Odor: You will learn ways to limit and remove offensive restroom odors through an effective plan that creates long-term change. 



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Grout Doubts & Odor Obstacles: CMM's 2019 Restroom Care Webinar
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