Go Green with the EZ Dilute Dispensing System

Here''s what you should look for in a dispensing system:

  • Compact size: A compact, wall-mounted unit can be installed virtually anywhere where wall space and a water source is available.

  • Push-button dispensing: Simplify and speed the process with the click of a dial and a push of a button.

  • Foolproof labels: Numerically coded product bottles and dispenser unit to eliminate confusion and make bottle filling as clear and simple as possible.

  • Multiple bottle rack: Save time and money by placing all of your cleaning agents in one rack and being able to dispense them through one system.

  • Bottle or bucket capabilities: Customize your delivery method by selecting a system that allows you to dispense cleaners into bottles or large buckets.

  • Color-coded formulas, labels, bottles and caps: Color coding helps to eliminate mistakes in the dispensing of cleaners and make it much easier to train staff.

  • On-site training: Expert training ensures safe and efficient handling of all cleaning products by your staff.

  • Bilingual support materials: Make your transition to a new system easy, smooth and safe, with easy to understand traiing posters, handbooks and DVDs in both English and Spanish.

Among the dispensing systems on the market, the Clorox EZ Dilute™ system delivers the requirements and more. When combined with Green Works® naturally derived commercial cleaning products, the system provides exceptional cleaning capabilities while helping to improve efficiency and reduce overall costs. Since they''re from the best-selling, well-known and most trusted natural brand in America, Green Works® Commercial Solutions will set you apart in a big way:

  • High Standard of Natural: Made with plant and mineral-based cleaning ingredients.

  • Powerful Performance: The powerful clean you expect from The Clorox Company, naturally.

  • Trusted Brands: Clorox and Green Works® — two powerful names in cleaning that your customers and employees already know and trust.

  • Efficient and Easy to Use: Both Ready-to-Use and Concentrated products designed to meet all cleaning needs, complete with easy training materials in English and Spanish for you and your staff.

Want to try Green Works® Commercial Solutions and the EZ Dilute™ System? Click here for a free trial offer.


Posted On March 25, 2011
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Go Green with the EZ Dilute Dispensing System
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