Finding The Best Cleaning Apps

Tablet and phone applications made for today’s mobile cleaning managers.

The number of apps currently available for cell phones and tablets is astronomical.

With over one million available in the iTunes App Store alone, this mini tech boom has introduced popular programs like Angry Birds and Spotify as well as a horde of less-popular options.

Games, TV, music and shopping — today there are numerous ways to enjoy these activities using nothing more than a cell phone, an app and an Internet connection.

While popping cartoon pigs and Seinfeld reruns to-go appeal to a great number of people, many professionals now depend on their mobile electronics for real-world assistance as well.

For bustling facility managers and building service contractors (BSCs), there are numerous apps available that can make portable electronics potent tools of productivity instead of mere distractions.

Searching For Apps

With such a large selection of apps available, finding the perfect version to meet a JanSan manager’s needs can be quite a challenge.

Apple’s iTunes app store has its software selections classified, and one applicable section is “Productivity.”

A list of popular programs in this area includes a number of manager-friendly options:

  • Calendars
  • Spread sheets
  • File managers
  • Fraction calculators
  • Presentation apps.

Still, sifting through this seemingly endless list for the choice that will positively affect a day-to-day workload is a definite time sink.

Thankfully, there are websites now devoted to app searches, and they often include user reviews and ratings.

A few examples are AppCrawlr, AppExplorer and Quixey.

Small Business Apps

Search results on these sites for small business apps showcase an array of payment and financial programs.

Different options include:

  • Online payment systems
  • Virtual checkbooks
  • Expense monitors
  • Inventory trackers
  • Debt managers.

One app example was created to automatically calculate payroll payments minus taxes.

For new companies or smaller operations that calculate payroll by hand or spreadsheet, this app offers accurate employee paycheck totals for all 50 states, according to the listing.

Bidding Apps

For contractors looking to develop pricing for a cleaning job, there are a few bidding and estimating apps available.

Looking at two examples, one choice is free while the other costs $99.99.

The free program is a basic app that calculates time and labor cost for tasks such as floor and carpet cleaning.

If a user inputs the type of cleaning, hourly labor rate and frequency, this app can calculate annual time and cost, according to the listing.

The app can also complete basic conversions for liquid volumes, e.g. gallons, pints and quarts.

The other app is geared for the residential market but may offer useful options to commercial cleaners as well.

According to the listing, the app lets a user gather the basic customer information then log room types, sizes and time estimates; photos can be taken as well.

If a user records measurements, the total square footage will be listed along with any input production rate.

Initial cleaning charges can be logged, and additional services can be added for specialty cleaning tasks.

Inspection Apps

Finally, one company offers a number of service form and inspection report apps specifically for the professional cleaning industry.

With thousands of electronic forms available, this system offers managers and contractors a reduction in needed paperwork.

According to the company’s website, electronic forms are available for:

  • Janitorial inspections
  • Commercial cleaning checklists
  • Cleaning proposals
  • Carpet cleaning work orders
  • Janitorial bid proposals.

Another company’s free app option includes electronic inspection forms that are downloaded to the mobile device.

Using a phone or tablet, data can be input and filtered, and managers can rate services, take pictures, answer customer questions and take notes.

Further, the data can be uploaded and stored online where it is available to managers and clients; archived scores mean performance can be monitored over a certain length of time.

Just A Sample

For facility managers and BSCs looking to automate their workflow and increase productivity and results, these app options are just the tip of the iceberg.

The question today isn’t whether an app exists that can help cleaning professionals; the question is finding the best option in a growing multitude of programs.

Professional colleagues, industry resources and distributors all may have helpful app suggestions.

In the modern JanSan market, proven timesavers may be the difference between treading water and improving production.

Posted On February 24, 2014

Phillip Lawless

Phillip Lawless is a graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He has over 15 years of professional writing and editing experience.

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Finding The Best Cleaning Apps
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