Expanding CIMS To Europe

Bill Griffin meets with JanSan professionals in the United Kingdom.

Last month, I was in Northampton, United Kingdom, conducting the Industry Certification Expert (I.C.E.) class for 25 cleaning professionals from England, The Netherlands and Ireland.

This was part of the international expansion of the Cleaning Industry Management Standard program (CIMS/CIMS-GB) that is administered by the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) in the U.S.

(As a side note, CIMS is a program you should know about and be involved with.)

Bill Griffin

The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) will administer and expand the program in the UK.

On the second day of the class, five top cleaning industry consultants participated in an advanced session of Auditor/Assessor training so they can verify compliance for CIMS applicant companies and operations in this part of the world.

As part of the training, we traveled to Warwick University and conducted a mock audit with the director of cleaning services and two of her managers.

Raising Standards: Building On Quality

This was exciting and eye opening as we in the U.S. often think that we are the only ones doing what we do.

In the UK class, I had the pleasure of working with 25 top industry professionals who are the “Cream of the Crop” in their world.

Bill Griffin2

I’d never heard of any of them, and they’d probably never heard of me, but we all deal with the same issues every day in a different place separated by thousands of miles and a lot of water, with a few twists and unknown definitions tossed in.

All great fun and a welcome reminder of how big and how small the world really is.

Once the class was over, I spent a few days meeting with cleaning business owners and managers and seeing the sights, which included Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, London Tower Bridge and the Tower of London, and of course I ate enough fish and chips for all of us.

Thanks for listening, talk to you next month.

Posted On April 30, 2014

William R. Griffin

President of Cleaning Consultant Services, Inc.

William Griffin is the president of Cleaning Consultant Services, Inc. He is an industry consultant, author, and trainer with more than 35 years of experience. Contact him at or visit

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Expanding CIMS To Europe
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