Diving into Facility Manager Decisions

Key findings from the 2016 CMM In-House/Facility Management Benchmarking Survey

Diving into Facility Manager Decisions

What keeps in-house/facility managers up at night? According to aggregate findings from the 2016 Cleaning and Maintenance Management (CMM) In-House/Facility Management Benchmarking Survey, it’s a combination of labor, budgets, and productivity. Perhaps not surprisingly to those in the field, these pressures tend to be consistent for managers across a variety of facility types and market segments, although their impacts vary based on factors such as geography, management scope, and operational responsibilities.

Additional takeaways from this year’s survey results include the growing impact of technology for performing daily operations, ensuring health and safety for workers and building occupants, and providing proper training for employees to do their jobs effectively.

To read on and to download this years survey, click download below.


Posted On April 4, 2016
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Diving into Facility Manager Decisions
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