Design a Mobile Cleaning Inspection

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It wasn’t too long ago that inspection software changed the game in the cleaning industry. Inspections used to be a timely and tedious process, requiring walk-throughs, note taking with pen and paper, entering information into a computer, and then emailing or mailing out the reports to customers or supervisors.

That process has changed since inspection software first made its appearance, saving countless hours of labor, enabling better communication with employees and customers, and eliminating the paper trail. When you begin using mobile inspections effectively, you’ll be able to make sure your team, and in turn your company, provides the best service your clients and facilities deserve. Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating and implementing a mobile inspection tool:


One common misconception managers have about inspection software is that it requires organizations to restructure the way they conduct and report inspections. That is not the case. Mobile inspections can be done exactly the same as before, using the same format or template; however, now cleaning assessors can input the information into a mobile device in real time instead of waiting to do it later on an office computer. This makes tracking performance simpler and faster.

Managers need to understand the main goal of inspections is to prove that your company or employees are doing what they were hired to do. Mobile inspection software provides that information quicker and more accurately, and allows you to notice team members who are doing tasks correctly as well as those who need improvement.

Grading Criteria

The design of your inspections will depend on the types of facilities your company cleans and what format best fits your organization, but for the most part, there are a few priorities that are consistent across the board with every facility. Those priorities may include cleanliness of surfaces, windows, floors, and carpets; making sure bathrooms are clean and stocked; and trash removal.

During your inspections, you will grade each area. Your system of grading will be one that works best for your business, but there are three common methods.

  • APPA scale: This scale is mainly used in the health care industry and meets ISSA standards. It uses a 1 through 5 grading scale, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.
  • A–F grading system: Similar to the system schools use to grade students, A is the highest score and F is the lowest.
  • Color-coded grading system: This one is usually three colors, green being the best; yellow being acceptable, but needing improvement; and red being unacceptable. Each of the ratings is assigned a percentage. For example: The color grading scale would have 100 percent assigned to the color green, 75 percent to yellow, and maybe 60 percent to red.

Some software can even show your top three areas and your worst three areas, percentages, and statistics based on the grading scale used. You won’t get this using paper and pencil.


Inspection Features

Here are a few tips for when you are looking at software for mobile inspections:

  • 1.Find an inspection software that is customizable. One-size-fits-all sounds great, but remember not every cleaning company or facility is the same. Your organization is unique and you want a software that you can implement into your business or facility easily.
  • 2.Find a software that is user friendly. If the inspection app or format is difficult to use, you can be assured your managers and employees will not want to use it.
  • 3.Find a software company that also helps with implementation. There is a difference between learning to use a software and actually implementing it into your business. There are companies that provide the assistance and resources to make sure you are successful in using their software.
  • 4.Don’t skimp. If you find a software that meets your needs, don’t be afraid to really invest in it. It may seem like a large expense, but what you and your business will get in return outweighs the cost.

Reporting Advantages

Inspections aren’t only for reporting to clients; they’re also done to see how organizations are performing internally overall, and across all locations.

Mobile inspections can be a game changer when used correctly and effectively. Make sure you and your team are delivering the best quality possible; using the right inspection software can ensure that you do.


Posted On April 6, 2018
Caden Hutchens

Caden Hutchens

Vice President of CleanTelligent Software

Caden Hutchens is vice president of CleanTelligent Software, a quality control and janitorial software solution that includes a mobile surveys feature. He is responsible for overseeing operations for customer support, marketing, programming, and sales. Learn more at

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Design a Mobile Cleaning Inspection
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