CT51 and CT71 Scrubbers: 2 Machines, 16 Models


The CT51 and CT71 are versatile machines with two body styles, four scrub heads for each (ranging from 20” to 28”) and two speeds at 200 or 600 rpm.

New Features Include: an ergonomic, adjustable handle, a new dashboard with an intuitive selector knob, making training a simple task and Advanced Noise Control (ANC) for cleaning in noise-sensitive environments.

Innovations Include: Self-leveling system that automatically adjusts to the surface being cleaned; Eco Select that decreases energy and water consumption while increasing running time by up to 20%; Memory Card offering full control of the machine and downloads important data to your phone, pc or tablet and Telematics which provides ultimate control of your investment.

Posted On September 4, 2018

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CT51 and CT71 Scrubbers: 2 Machines, 16 Models
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