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ISSA Exhibitor Booth 2577

At ISSA Show North America 2019 in Las Vegas, ProTeam® will unveil new cordless vacuum technology to bring greater speed, safety, and simplicity to your vacuuming routine. Cordless vacuums eliminate time-consuming cord management tasks and allow the cleaner to take the most efficient path through a space. When cleaning around obstacles and building occupants, cordless vacuums remove the potential tripping hazard of a cord for safer vacuuming. Both the FreeFlex® cordless hybrid upright and the new GoFree® Flex Pro II cordless backpack vacuum will help cleaning operations save with improved production rates.

The GoFree Flex Pro II cleans 30 percent faster than a standard backpack vacuum and 5 times faster than an upright vacuum. A new efficient motor makes the GoFree Flex Pro II lighter than ever at 17.6 pounds. Conserve battery by tackling routine cleaning on the low setting, then switch to high for deep cleaning. Clean with the 12-Ah battery for the longest runtime or take two pounds off the weight by using the new 6-Ah battery option with a shorter runtime. Articulating FlexFit® harness responds to the motion of the user’s shoulders, back, and hips – increasing comfort and reducing fatigue

The FreeFlex cordless hybrid upright leads the industry with a 72-minute runtime and the option to plug in for ongoing cleaning. The FreeFlex weighs only 17.6 pounds including battery. When plugged in, the FreeFlex weighs 13.9 pounds, and the user has the option of running the vacuum on high or low power. With no tools required to assemble, the FreeFlex upright is ready to use out of the box. Its intuitive design makes it simple and easy for any user to operate effectively without training.

Set yourself apart from the competition with innovative, industry-leading equipment. Try ProTeam cordless vacuums at ISSA booth 2577.

Vote online for the GoFree Flex Pro II in the ISSA Innovation Awards until November 15.

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Cordless Freedom. ProTeam Innovation
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