CleanTelligent - Growing Your Business with Client Communication Software

Growing Your Business with Client Communication Software

Why Technology? Why Software?
If you run a cleaning company, or if you are a building service contractor (BSC), you have probably asked yourself at some point, "How can I grow my business? How do I stand out from the competition?" The answer is simply to innovate, and that's where CleanTelligent Softwarecan help.

About 20 years ago, CleanTelligent President Michael Jenkins ran the fourth largest cleaning company in Utah. Jenkins' innovation was a log book for every cleaning account that was supposed to go back and forth between him and his clients. But the messages in the log book were hard to trace and even harder to get to the right people in a timely manner. Jenkins realized he had to innovate yet again, so he began to develop an online client communication portal that used email and, eventually, text messages. CleanTelligent Software was born.


Having integrated this new technology, Jenkins' company went from losing accounts to a 300 percent client retention rate, and new business came rolling in as well.

What Can CleanTelligent Do for My Company?
Realizing that other cleaning companies could benefit from this client communication system, Jenkins made the software commercially available in 2003. Since then, companies around the world have adopted CleanTelligent, and it is now used by over 25,000 individuals. CleanTelligent's functionality has also grown to include quality inspections, job scheduling, bidding and estimating, and more.

Victor Carrasquillo of Service Management Group has benefitted from using CleanTelligent. His new customers, he said, "are immediately impressed upon our presentation of the ... software. So far, eight out of the last eight presentations have resulted in new business."

Tom Wood of Dominion Janitorial Services reported that their old way of doing things "was cumbersome, and sometimes work orders slipped through the cracks." With CleanTelligent, he said, "we save time and increase our analytical capabilities."

How Can I Learn More about CleanTelligent?
There are many quality control and janitorial software solutions available nowadays, but CleanTelligent Software continues to lead and innovate. For the last four years, CleanTelligent has won the Innovation Award at ISSA/INTERCLEAN, and for the last two years, the ISSA Best Customer Service Award.

To learn more about CleanTelligent and what it can do for your company, call +1 801-375-0375 or visit


Posted On December 1, 2015

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CleanTelligent - Growing Your Business with Client Communication Software
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