Bona®–the Hardwood Experts–Live Demos and New Products!

Bona®–the Hardwood Experts–Live Demos and New Products!

A hardwood gym floor can take a beating. Whether in a school, YMCA or community space, gym floors experience high levels of foot traffic which means an ongoing flow of dirt, debris, contaminants and daily wear and tear. Ensuring that the floor remains safe, clean and beautiful can be challenging, especially when prioritizing efficiency, sustainability and athlete safety. Implementing the Bona SuperCourt® System is an easy, effective and environmentally safe way to tackle that challenge. The system produces durable, non-slip, safe gym floors with championship appearance.

Bona’s four-component abrasion system has transformed the entire recoat process for hardwood gym floors, not only facilitating the process, but also heavily accelerating it. The virtually dust-free system consists of the Bona FlexiSand DCS® Buffer, Bona DCS Back Vac, Bona MultiDisc and Bona Diamond abrasives. Together, the system generates a smooth and flat surface receptive to finish adhesion, without visible swirl marks.

From athletic wood floors to commercial spaces, the team at Bona® is ready to answer your questions about how to care for the life of hardwood and hard surface floors with the Bona JanSan System.

Visit the Bona team at booth #6460 to demo the Bona FlexiSand DCS® Abrasion System first hand. This system has set the new standard in the wood floor recoat abrasive process. Each component of the Bona Abrasion System is essential for wood floor preparation creating an optimal surface for wood finish adhesion.

  • Bona FlexiSand DCS buffer
  • Diamond Abrasives
  • MultiDisc
  • Bona DCS Back Vac

At the Bona booth, learn more about the athletic wood floor recoating process, finishes and maintenance system with the Athletic Floor Care line of products. You can also learn more about the new Bona Commercial line of products. This complete line of commercial grade hardwood floor care products, includes the most durable 24” mop available to professionals, hardwood finishes and new line of hard surface cleaners, all designed for everyday use by busy BSC teams!

When you choose Bona, you’re partnering with the most experienced flooring team at ISSA and across the industry. Align your business as well as your customers’ with the best products on the market formulated specifically for wood and hard surface floors. Highly durable finishes, available in one and two-component waterborne formulations as well as oil modified finish. Cleaners that are pH neutral and highly effective on dust, dirt and debris without leaving a dulling residue when used with Bona microfiber dusting cloths and cleaning pads.

Visit the Bona booth #6460 at ISSA Show 2018 to see the Bona SuperCourt® and Bona Commercial products first hand! For more information, visit


Posted On October 4, 2018

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Bona®–the Hardwood Experts–Live Demos and New Products!
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