Bleach Safety Guide Released

Cleaning and maintenance workers should only use bleach when required, and only in the correct amount, according to a new bleach safety guide released by the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.

The guide emphasizes that bleach concentrate has a stronger solution than regular bleach and workers should make sure to follow the label instructions carefully, Safety & Health reports. Other bleach safety tips include:

  • Avoid bleach splashes by adding bleach to water, rather than adding water to bleach
  • Set spray bottle nozzles to produce a heavy stream instead of a fine mist
  • Open windows and doors or turn on exhaust fans
  • Do not apply bleach directly to surfaces
  • Apply bleach solutions directly to a disposable cloth, paper towel, or a cloth that is cleaned after each use; do not apply bleach to a sponge.

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Bleach Safety Guide Released
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