Alleged unsanitary conditions at high school

FLORENCE, MS — Parents with children who attend McLaurin High School claim the school is not a safe and clean learning environment and that something needs to be done, according to WLBT-TV.

Parents claim the Rankin County School District is spending millions on new facilities for administrators while ignoring needed repairs, something the district adamantly denies, the story stated.
Parent Mary Aycock said: "The restrooms are unacceptable. The gymnasium windows are knocked out. Some of the windows inside the classroom are knocked out. They have to put cardboard in the windows. We just want to know how the Rankin County School Board can justify building a $7 million dollar building when the conditions at the high school are unacceptable."
Mary and her sister-in-law Christine Aycock have drafted a letter alerting other parents about the deplorable conditions that exist at the school; they plan on presenting the letter and signatures to the school board during its March 11 meeting, the story noted.
A spokesperson for the school said that they have a professional cleaning crew who cleans the entire building each night, and a faculty and staff who are dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe, clean learning environment for our students, the story added.
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Posted On February 27, 2009
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Alleged unsanitary conditions at high school
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