3 Signs it’s Time to Swap Out Your Floor Pads

Scrubber with floor pad

In the cleaning industry, time is money, and facility managers and building service contractors are continuously tasked with doing more work in less time. As a result, the efficiency and effectiveness of labor and products are paramount to ensure success.

To maximize productivity, facility managers need to choose the most appropriate product for the job. Additionally, once a product is successfully implemented, it’s important to consistently assess its efficacy, recognizing when it needs to be replaced to maximize return on investment.

For floor pads specifically, there are three key considerations that can help determine if a product has reached the end of its life span and needs to be replaced:

  1. Product performance. If the pad isn’t working properly, it may need to be replaced. If a floor pad isn’t removing floor finish efficiently or a scrubbing pad is not reducing gloss of finish as it should, this is a sign that you need to either replace or flip over the pad.
  2. Pad appearance. The visual appearance of the pad itself can also be an easy way to determine its effectiveness. For example, some pads on the market come with a spray-coated outer layer that is a different color than the primary cleaning surface. Once the spray coating wears off, it provides the cleaning staff with an easy visual indication that it’s time to replace the pad.
  3. Wear and tear. General maintenance of floor pads can also help determine if they need to be changed. As the staff goes through the routine process of rinsing and cleaning the pads after a job, they can easily determine if the pad’s efficiency is being affected based on the wear and tear caused by residual dirt and debris. 

The costs associated with floor pad misuse and replacement can be minimized if a quality product is chosen at the onset of a project. Using high-quality products made from the best materials will save money in the long run by reducing labor costs and the need to use multiple products to achieve the same results. Durability also is key when it comes to finding an efficient and effective floor pad. Floor pads with fibers or abrasive resin coatings help the pad withstand the effects of cleaning chemicals.

Looking forward, it’s likely that facility managers will continue to face increases in labor and product costs. However, by choosing the right product for the job, recognizing the importance of ongoing maintenance, and replacing tools at the appropriate time, facility managers can ensure the overall quality of a job while simultaneously maximizing return on investment.


Posted On December 4, 2017

Kim Sachs

Technical Manager, 3M

Kim Sachs is technical manager at 3M Commercial Solutions Division. Visit for more information.

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3 Signs it’s Time to Swap Out Your Floor Pads
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