2014 Building Service Contractor Survey

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For 2014, the Cleaning & Maintenance Management team updated its Building Survey Contractor (BSC) Survey to provide accurate information involving the latest trends and most pressing issues in the BSC market.

Many concerns provided by the survey respondents match the BSC issues covered at the World Federation of Building Service Contractors (WFBSC) World Congress in April.

As the preceding report from the WFBSC show shows, the increase of technology in cleaning is a pressing issue.

Even so, survey responses show a large majority of operations still depend on task checklists/cleaning schedules and observation/supervision for quality assurance.

Only 26 percent call upon software for mobile devices, and only 11 percent use analytical data from cleaning equipment.

Expecting Improvement

For 2013, 55 percent of survey participants reported somewhat or significantly increased revenues while 24 percent said the numbers were stable.

And, for the BSCs who responded, the outlook remains positive for 2014.

About 27 percent expect revenues to increase significantly while another 45 percent anticipate revenues will increase some.

Yet, the slowed economy is still a factor.

Economic concerns were cited as the biggest factor affecting revenues in 2013, and in our open-ended question concerning the most critical issues faced by BSCs today, the economy was a common response.

Other issues that concern BSCs today include:

  • Labor issues and wages
  • Government intervention and the Healthcare Act
  • Costs and Pricing
  • Competition.

Read through the responses here for more information on the BSC market and its challenges moving forward.

Thank you to all the respondents for taking the time to complete the survey, and we hope you will find the results informative and enlightening.


Posted On May 6, 2014
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2014 Building Service Contractor Survey
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