20-Year-Old City Hall Restores, Protects and Maintains Original Flooring Features

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Henderson, Nevada has an estimated population of more than 302,000, and the Henderson City Hall—built in 1963—is the center of all government and city activities. In addition, it also provides residents and businesses with direct access to a variety of essential public services.


In an effort to reduce maintenance and streamline the cleaning and protective process for the building’s more than 11,000 square-feet of terrazzo flooring, the City of Henderson sought an efficient long-term solution.

Having already successfully partnered with 3M to consolidate the city’s chemical selection to reduce dozens of SKUs and simplify training and inventory management, the building’s Custodial Manager, Mark Chiangi, looked to 3M for a comprehensive floor care solution.

Three different 3M product lines were tested, including the 3M™ Stone Floor Protection System.

3M Solution

Chiangi and his team ultimately decided to switch the cleaning and protection process for the terrazzo flooring to the 3M™ Stone Floor Protection System because it provided an entire cleaning system with a shorter implementation process than the competitive set. The product also significantly decreased labor costs, as it didn’t need to be applied as frequently as other floor systems.

When compared to other competitive products on the market—some of which require eight steps—the 3M™ Stone Floor Protection System is easy to execute and involves only two steps. After the product is in place, ongoing maintenance consists of reapplying the protector once every six to nine months. Additionally, the 3M™ Stone Floor Protection System eliminates the need to scrub and recoat, as the protector can last two years before needing to strip and reapply.


Since the implementation of the 3M™ Stone Floor Protection System, Henderson City Hall significantly reduced its cost because the system is less labor intensive and eliminates the need to buff or scrub the floor each week. Overall, the transition has saved the city approximately 25 to 30 percent on labor, resulting in an expedited return on investment.

Another key result of the city’s switch to the 3M™ Stone Floor Protection System was its positive effect on the building’s overall aesthetics. Remarkably, the product was able to bring back the terrazzo floor to its natural appearance while simultaneously enhancing clarity and shine. The protector has also increased floor traction, providing a safe walking space for city hall employees and visitors.

“The selling point for us was that we brought the terrazzo floor back to a natural state and put a guard over it, instead of relying on chemicals for shine,” said Chiangi. “Staff and visitors who have walked the areas we’ve done so far have definitely noticed a difference and consistently remark about the level of shine and clarity.”

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20-Year-Old City Hall Restores, Protects and Maintains Original Flooring Features
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