10 Tips for Sweeping Success

10 Tips for Sweeping Success

Sweepers are effective tools for picking up debris, both inside and outside your facility, while keeping dust under control. They are available in manual, walk-behind, and riding models.

As purchasing an automatic sweeper will be a bigger hit to your budget than a manual broom, you will want to get the most of out of your investment. Cleaning experts offer the following 10 tricks to help your sweeper work more efficiently.

1Shake your filters.
Use the auto shaker feature to shake your filters every 10 minutes. This will prevent clogging and keep your sweeper working at optimum levels.

2. Vacuum the filter.
Use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the filters monthly.

3Re-adjust the brushes.
Your brushes should touch the floor at all times. Readjust them as they wear down.

4. Maximize productivity
Unlike scrubber dryers, sweepers can operate effectively at a high speed. So get moving to maximize your productivity!

5. Keep the unit clean, inside and out.
A clean sweeper will have fewer service issues and will make a far better impression on your staff, your clients, and the public.

6. Don’t use your sweeper in the rain.
Moisture will clog the filters and immediately reduce your efficiency.

7. Don’t go over spillages.
Just like rain, spillages will clog the filters. If you’re using a ride-on sweeper, turn the vacuum motor off when working in damp areas.

8. Keep the batteries in tip-top shape.
Keep the batteries charged, and check water levels on a regular basis.

9. Service regularly. 
Preventative maintenance reduces downtime and lowers your total cost of ownership. Don’t wait until the sweeper breaks down before you contact a maintenance engineer.

10. Focus on health and safety.
Maintain the filters and empty the hopper regularly to keep fugitive dust from polluting the air.


Posted On June 27, 2019

Laura Patock

Field Marketing Manager, Contract Cleaners, and Institutions for Nilfisk-Americas

Laura Patock is field marketing manager, contract cleaners, and institutions at nilfisk-americas. Contact her at For more information about resources and solutions for contract cleaning companies, visit

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10 Tips for Sweeping Success
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