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Case Study: Education Facility

A Four Step Floorcare Method


Training sales people and cleaners to create the most effective solutions for cleaning and maintaining a facility can be a daunting task.

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Easy, Deep Cleaning Of Secure Areas

Hard Floor Care Case Study April 2014

VersaClean™ systems overcome the challenges of secure sites.

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Introducing a new extractor with wide-cleaning path, easy operation

Sanitaire now offers the SC6095 self-contained 9-gallon extractor that features a wide-cleaning path, maximum cleaning power and easy operation.

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The SC3700 Quiet Clean tackles bare floor, carpet and detail cleaning with ease

Newest addition to popular quiet clean line features convenient accessories for difficult cleaning locations.

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Online Exclusive - Cart Before The Horse

Avoid Putting the Cart Before the Horse: Cleaning Professionals as Prevention Doctors

The goal of facility cleaning should be to "Treat the Whole Patient" by striving to make the entire indoor environment clean and healthy as a Standard Operating Procedure.

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Winning The Race Against Dirt To "Real Clean"

VersaClean ISSA/INTERCLEAN Exhibitor Profile

The VersaClean™ System delivers cost savings, efficiency and powerful cleaning!

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Water, Salt, Electricity And The Inevitable Future of the Cleaning Industry

Orbio® Technologies ISSA/INTERCLEAN Exhibitor Profile

In addition to the potential for lower chemical costs, OSG can reduce soft costs, such as training, ordering and managing of inventory.

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ProTeam Cleaning for Health® Tip of the Month

Your Future is 30% More Efficient

These game-changers can give early adopters a crucial edge over their competitors.
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Avoid Putting The Cart Before The Horse

The right way to use chemical cleaners and disinfectants.

Using “cleaning” chemicals without carefully following directions is putting the cart before the horse, because chemicals used improperly can’t do the intended job.

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ProTeam Cleaning for Health® Tip of the Month

Tested and Proven

The Performance and Durability of the Next Generation Backpack Vacuums
One UL-certified laboratory at Emerson's Tool Company Engineering facility, located on the campus of Emerson World Headquarters in St. Louis, Mo. was tasked with testing the Next Generation of backpack vacuums from ProTeam® for safety and durability.
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