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Carpet Care

We provide technical cleaning and how-to articles on carpet spotting, carpet odor removal, daily and long-term carpet care, as well as information on setting up and managing carpet care programs including carpet extraction and low-moisture cleaning. Also included are articles from our sister publication Cleanfax, which is a magazine focused on residential and commercial carpet care issues.


CM e-News Daily

Announcing the next Critical Issues Webcast

July 7, 2014

CMM will hold the next installment of the 2014 Critical Issues Webcast, Addressing Common Carpet Care Challenges, on July 24, 2014, at 2 p.m. EDT.

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Press Release

Your wand could earn you Gold

June 19, 2014

You and your wand are a team... you're going to be working with this team member a lot.

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CM e-News Daily

From the issue: Point/Counterpoint: Carpet And Indoor Air Quality

June 18, 2014

There has long been a debate over whether or not carpet is good or bad for indoor air quality and those who spend their days (and nights) breathing in that air.

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June 2014 Feature 3

Selecting And Maintaining Sustainable Carpet

Being green is now expected, including in the carpet and flooring industry.
June 8, 2014

Millions of people go in and out of schools, hospitals, retail establishments and office buildings every single day, not realizing how environmentally-sustainable the floors they walk on have become.

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June 2014 Feature 2

Should You Spot Dye Carpet?

Avoid an eyesore by camouflaging discolorations in common problem areas.
June 7, 2014

Are your workers the cause of the bleach spots in your workplace? Well, now you can be the hero.

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June 2014 Feature 1

Point/Counterpoint: Carpet And Indoor Air Quality

A new study explores carpet's affect on airborne particles and allergens.
June 6, 2014

To perform the study, Airmid Healthgroup created different chambers in which new and used carpet were installed.

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Press Release

Ten benefits of carpet

May 9, 2014

Carpet Cleaning Pricing And Production Rates

March 10, 2014

On one hand, the pricing of a carpet cleaning job appears to be a simple mathematical calculation. However, you may realize that there are numerous variables involved that will impact the service.

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Press Release

Studies help settle great debate over carpet's healing benefits

January 29, 2014
January 2014 Product Showcase

Carpet Care Showcase

January 1, 2014