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June 2014


June 2014 Cover Story

Piecing Together A Program

Formulating a system to address frequent carpet care challenges.

A carpet care system can benefit facility managers and contractors when it comes to addressing problems.

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June 2014 Anniversary

Now ... The Next 50 Years

Moving from trial and error to training and value.

'The publication provided what the industry was missing by gathering with the contractors, manufacturers and distributors and getting resources and information out to all of us.'

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June 2014 Feature 5

Business Sustainability Through Shared Value

Finding benefical ways to address the needs of people, profit and planet.

Considering the impacts to human capital and communities is important to the overall success of any business.

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June 2014 Feature 1

Point/Counterpoint: Carpet And Indoor Air Quality

A new study explores carpet's affect on airborne particles and allergens.

To perform the study, Airmid Healthgroup created different chambers in which new and used carpet were installed.

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June 2014 Feature 2

Should You Spot Dye Carpet?

Avoid an eyesore by camouflaging discolorations in common problem areas.

Are your workers the cause of the bleach spots in your workplace? Well, now you can be the hero.

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June 2014 Feature 3

Selecting And Maintaining Sustainable Carpet

Being green is now expected, including in the carpet and flooring industry.

Millions of people go in and out of schools, hospitals, retail establishments and office buildings every single day, not realizing how environmentally-sustainable the floors they walk on have become.

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Carpet Care

CM/Spotlight June 2014
CM/Spotlight: Carpet Care June 2014

Green Cleaning Means Caring, Health

Plus Manufacturing Inc.

Green cleaning means caring and health for Valley Professional Cleaning Service, North Bend, Washington.

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CM/Spotlight: Carpet Care June 2014

Backpack Vacuums Improve Efficiency At Jani-King Gulf Coast Region


Founded over 40 years ago,Jani-King is now the largest commercial cleaning franchise company in the world, with over 12,000 franchise owners in regional offices spanning 20 countries.

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CM/Spotlight: Carpet Care June 2014

From "Dull" To "Like New" Then Maintaining It With VersaClean Systems


Staff at the local branch of a major bank recently saw how easily they can maintain and refresh their carpets with VersaClean, even in a high-security area.

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June 2014 Cleanthoughts

Cleaning’s Valuable Resources

Without a doubt, learning about the different ways cleaning operations and their employees protect the public has been a rewarding and worthwhile pursuit.

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June 2014 Raising Standards

Three Requirements For A Safe Workplace

Management commitment, employee involvement and planning.

If you are an employer or a manager, it is your responsibility to provide a safe work environment not only for your cleaning staff, but for all your employees.

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June 2014 Lets Talk Shop

Formulating The Request for Proposal

A five step development process to help ensure great cleaning service.

If you are a facility manager whose cleaning is outsourced, chances are at some point you will need to develop a Request for Proposal, or RFP, for competitive pricing on your cleaning services.

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June 2014 Bidding & Estimating

Technology Steals The Show

Emerging trends and themes from ISSA/INTERCLEAN Amsterdam.

As for communications, the concept is that machines, workers and spaces are beginning to be connected via cell phones and wireless networks.

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New offerings from equipment manufacturers, chemical formulators and those offerings services to the JanSan industry.

We invite companies and organizations to submit information on new products and services currently on the market or those soon to be available for purchase. We also encourage readers to communicate to us the unique types of cleaning and maintenance challenges they face so we can provide solutions by featuring offerings catered to their needs.


Tennant Company

Tennant Company announces the T17 Battery-Powered Rider Scrubber to complement the company’s line of cleaning solutions.

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Buckeye International

Clarion Metal Interlock/No Buff Floor Finish maintains high gloss with minimal maintenance.

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Cree Inc.

Cree Inc. introduces a series of LED T8 replacement tubes that give commercial lighting users reasons to switch to LED.

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Crown Mats & Matting

The Crown Mats Wonder-Pro is an indoor mat with a vinyl border designed for areas with medium to heavy foot traffic.

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Fresh Wave IAQ

Fresh Wave IAQ eco-friendly odor management solutions eliminate the use of chemical-based odor abatement products in facilities.

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Intellibot Robotics

Intellibot offers three hands-free floor cleaning machines.

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Jon-Don has added Revive-Maxx Floor Polishing Pads to its line of concrete polishing supplies and accessories.

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Kutol Products Company

Designer Series Wall Mount Dispensers combine a unique “top dispensing” technology that eliminates leaks with more design choices.

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Roof Hugger Inc.

Products from Roof Hugger Retrofit Roof Solutions are designed for installing a new metal roof over an existing metal roof without removal.

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Advance introduces the new SC351 Battery-Operated Micro Scrubber.

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Tornado Industries Inc.

Tornado’s BR 13/1 MW is a low-moisture floor machine for use on a variety of floor coverings as well as commercial-grade carpeting and matting.

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Restroom Care

In Focus June 2014
June 2014 Contractor Success

Joining A Group Purchasing Organization

Pooling the purchasing power of service contract companies to create discounts.

Negotiated savings with vendors leaves building service contractors and businesses more time to focus on other tasks.

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June 2014 Tackling Trouble Areas

Defeating The Dirty 10

Common cleaning mistakes that no worker should make.

Conduct a quick audit of your operations to make sure none of your employees are committing the 10 most common cleaning mistakes.

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June 2014 Maintenance Matters

Steps For Selecting An MRO Vendor

The best vendors can serve as beneficial resources, drivers of cost savings and innovators.

MRO products are essential to the safety, sanitation and overall operation of a variety of places where people work and gather.

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June 2014 Facility Focus

Implementing A Green Cleaning Program

A successful change goes beyond buying the right cleaning products.

Certain best practices have emerged for implementing a green cleaning program.

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June 2014 A Clean Sweep

Looking Back With Gary Clipperton

Collectively, our industry can bring cleaning operations to the next level.

To remain progressive, we must educate ourselves daily and keep up-to-date regarding all cleaning issues.

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