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February 2014


Cover Story

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February 2014 Cover Story

The Future Of Infection Control

Studies prove hand hygiene importance while monitoring technology improves program compliance.

Infection control — though the concept sounds simple enough, it is actually a serious cleaning industry issue that includes a multitude of responsibilities.

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February 2014 Feature 2

A Better Way To Clean

How microfiber cleaning products help get the job done faster and safer.

Microfiber cleaning solutions include high-performance dust and wet mop pads, surface cleaning tools, hardware and mopping systems.

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February 2014 Feature 3

Frankensteinian Pathogens And Disinfecting Resistance

As bacteria becomes resistant to disinfectants, it can also become resistant to the antibiotics typically used to treat people infected by the pathogen.

On January 6, 2014, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) discovered 44 cases of a strain of bacteria called carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae, or CRE, in northeast Illinois.

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Let's Talk Shop

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February 2014 Lets Talk Shop

Be Proactive Instead Of Reactive

Implement systems to anticipate client concerns and measure cleaning results.

Taking time to reflect on what you could be doing better, then setting clearly defined goals to be more proactive.

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Bidding And Estimating

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February 2014 Bidding & Estimating

The Basics Of Bidding

What you need to know to accurately bid a job.

Most of the questions we get at “Ask the Experts” start like this: “I need to know how much to charge to clean ______________?”

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Contractor Success

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Maintenance Matters

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Facility Focus

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February 2014 Facility Focus

Achieving Energy Savings And Healthier Workplaces

Audits and procedures to increase efficiency and decrease a facility's energy bills.

Operations and management procedures that will lead to overall improvements in the working and learning environment, including reduced operating costs, healthier indoor air, improved comfort and reduced water consumption.

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Tackling Trouble Areas

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February 2014 Tackling Trouble Areas

Updating Wall Plates And Receptacles

The installation and condition of wall outlets can affect the safety and overall perception of a facility.

There are electrical outlet concerns that facility managers and maintenance professionals should take into consideration.

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Products And Services

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New offerings from equipment manufacturers, chemical formulators and those offerings services to the JanSan industry.

We invite companies and organizations to submit information on new products and services currently on the market or those soon to be available for purchase. We also encourage readers to communicate to us the unique types of cleaning and maintenance challenges they face so we can provide solutions by featuring offerings catered to their needs.


Betco Corporation

Betco Corporation's Touch Up with SRT is a low odor, superior black heel mark resistant, top scrub floor finish that is used in the Interim Maintenance Procedure in the SRT Advantage Program.

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Bonnet Pro

Revive iT Citrus hot water extraction prespray contains a powerful blend of non-ionic detergents and a great smelling, organic solvent made from citrus to remove oil and greasy soils from carpets and fabrics.

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Buckeye International Inc.

Buckeye Reflections wood floor program offers the most environmentally-safe, volatile organic compound (VOC) compliant, water-based wood floor finishes and high-performance, VOC-compliant, oil-based wood floor finishes on the market.

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Crown Mats and Matting

The all-new Cross-Over Graphic Inlay wiper/scraper mat from Crown Mats and Matting has the rich look of loop pile, can be used as a logo mat and is affordable.

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Enviro-Solutions' ES 64 is a no-rinse, nonalkaline, neutral pH cleaning chemical that cleans, deodorizes and disinfects all in one step.

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Mats Inc.

Mats Inc. has expanded its designer matting offering with the addition of Journey Tile, modular tile matting.

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National Chemical Laboratories Inc.

National Chemical Laboratories Inc. has announced the introduction of Bare Bones Low Odor all purpose speed stripper.

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U.S. Products

The PEX Series from U.S. Products is the result of years of extensive engineering, design experience and customer feedback, resulting in one of the most powerful and user-friendly portable extractors ever made.

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Whenever fresh water is not readily available, or where longer hose or electrical cord runs are inconvenient, use the VersaPort portable water supply and waste recovery system with VersaCarpet VC700 and VersaTile VT 1200 cleaning machines.

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A Clean Sweep

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February 2014 A Clean Sweep

It's Better If You Don’t

Workers may be tempted to go into work even when they are sick, but by staying home, they’re doing everyone else a favor.

As the seasons change from summer to fall, and with winter now in full swing, something else is knocking down the door of offices, schools and businesses everywhere: Cold and flu season.

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Raising Standards

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February 2014 Raising Standards

Don’t Let Finances Impact Cleaning Quality

While many organizations are feeling the squeeze, there are management strategies that can help.

Regardless of the strategy, cleaning managers must have the right data and expertise to manage their changing workload with the best results — a clean, healthy indoor environment.

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