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January 2014


Cover Story

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January 2014 Feature 1

Taking The Risk Out Of Cleaning

For approximately 2.5 million workers in the U.S., cleaning is a dangerous profession.

Although the industry is deeply involved at the moment in discussions about “cleaning for health,” these conversations tend to address the needs of everyone except the cleaning workers actually performing these tasks.

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January 2014 Feature 2

Finding Freedom In Cleaning

How to achieve flexibility through both process and product.

Enslavement to misguided ideas such as “cleaning is for untaught workers” and “here are your keys training” is ending because cleaning is now known to be a measurable science, one with a rigor and accountability best expressed through ISSA’s Clean Standard and IEHA’s Integrated Cleaning and Measurement (ICM) programs.

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January 2014 Feature 3

Prevention Proves Key During Cold And Flu Season

Vaccines and diligent hand hygiene are important measures to decrease the spread of infection.

It is this time of year that the public must be especially aware of the information provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Foundation of Infectious Diseases and other public health organizations and follow through on their suggestions.

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January 2014 Feature 6

Renewable Cleaning And The Hippocratic Oath

Taking advantage of new technologies and clearing the air on traditional cleaning practices.

This principle is being promoted by the “Oath Project” calling for a shift in attitude and orientation of the business community that is embodied in what they call the “Hippocratic Oath for Business” or the “Green Hippocratic Oath” — first, do no harm to the environment.

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January 2014 Feature 4

Sustainable Laundry Room Practices

New washing technologies raise standards and meet the needs of sustainable facilities.

By installing or upgrading to eco-efficient laundry operations, managers can positively impact the environment and their bottom line.

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January 2014 Feature 5

Following Up On GHS — What’s Next?

The worker training deadline for GHS has passed, but more changes lie ahead.

The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for labeling, listing and classifying chemical hazards was developed by the United Nations with input from many countries, including the U.S.

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Bidding And Estimating

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In Focus

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Contractor Success

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January 2014 Contractor Success

Background Screening For Quality Hires

Employers must make an informed decision to avoid hiring a 'walking lawsuit.'

Every day people with criminal records, falsified educational credentials and other serious liabilities are hired by companies who fail to thoroughly check their backgrounds.

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Maintenance Matters

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January 2014 Maintenance Matters

In Consideration Of Outdoor LED Lighting

LED technology can help address traditional priorities, while also significantly reducing facility energy use and maintenance costs.

The role of outdoor lighting has expanded to complement aesthetics, enhance architectural elements and monuments, support navigation, highlight nighttime sports events and even support retail sales.

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Facility Focus

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Tackling Trouble Areas

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January 2014 Tackling Trouble Areas

Surviving The Big Chill

Inspection and preparation will help facilities make it through another harsh winter.

It is important to realize that proper preparation for the winter season can drastically reduce the effect it has on your property and mitigate any expenses.

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Products And Services

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New offerings from equipment manufacturers, chemical formulators and those offerings services to the JanSan industry.

We invite companies and organizations to submit information on new products and services currently on the market or those soon to be available for purchase. We also encourage readers to communicate to us the unique types of cleaning and maintenance challenges they face so we can provide solutions by featuring offerings catered to their needs.



The Advance SC1500 stand-on scrubber uses a compact, maneuverable design to offer improved cleaning productivity.

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American Dryer

American Dryer's new patent-pending Wall Guard is Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant, achieving the 4-inch-or-less unit protrusion guidelines without the need to recess the accompanying dryer into the wall.

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Betco Corporation

Betco Corporation's Untouchable with Scuff Resistant Technology (SRT) is a low odor, black heel mark resistant floor finish made for those who want the highest gloss and wear with the least amount of labor.

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Buckeye International Inc.

Buckeye Reflections wood floor program offers the most environmentally-safe, volatile organic compound (VOC) compliant, water-based wood floor finishes and high-performance, VOC-compliant, oil-based wood floor finishes on the market.

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Cascades Tissue Group

Cascades Tissue Group introduced its Cascades Pink hand towels to support The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.

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Crown Mats and Matting

Crown Mats and Matting's Dura-Shock matting system is produced from 98 percent recycled rubber and is designed to protect floors from dropped free weights in gyms and heavy equipment in industrial locations.

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Fragrance Delivery Technologies Ltd

Fragrance Delivery Technologies Ltd (FDT) introduced an anti-vandal air freshening and odor control dispenser using patented Oxy-Gen Powered technology.

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Kaivac Inc.

Kaivac's OmniFlex Crossover Cleaning System allows users to start with the basics and then cross over, adding more equipment to tackle more cleaning tasks.

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Sanitaire has unveiled two new 10-quart QuietClean backpack vacuums – the 10Q QuietClean HEPA BackPack Vac and the 10Q QuietClean BackPack Vac.

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SCA has introduced a collection of Tork high-end hand towels and dispensers to offer solutions for Class A office buildings, fine dining restaurants and other top-tier establishments.

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Tennant Company

Tennant Company has earned Gold level certification from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) for their new Nobles Explorer and Tennant E-Series line of commercial carpet extractors.

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Tornado Industries

Tornado Industries has introduced two new Taskforce CFV (critical filtration vacuums) designed for heavy-duty vacuuming in a variety of locations, from healthcare facilities to industrial locations.

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U.S. Products

The dual-cord U.S. Products HydraPort 100 is an instant heat, hot water extractor to clean carpets and upholstery in residential and commercial settings.

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Made for deep cleaning hard surfaces, the VersaTile VT1200 combines proprietary VersaClean chemistries and an automatic dispenser system with a 1,000PSI rotary spray head, high extraction rates and continuous flow.

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Zep Chemical

Zep Distribution, a unit of Zep Inc., launched O2 by TimeMist, an air care and odor care line.

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A Clean Sweep

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Carpet Care Showcase

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Products and services to help you meet the carpet care challenges you and your staffs face.