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November 2012 Cover

November 2012

Volume: 49
Edition: 11

November 2012 Cover

Cover Story

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November 2012 Cover Story

Paper Towels Versus Hand Dryers

A predicament of personal preference for removing moisture from hands.

For the 71 percent of Americans that a recent survey from SCA Tissue says actually wash after using the restroom — not just the quick rinse-and-dash, that doesn’t count — a solution is needed for removing moisture from their hands.

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November 2012 Feature 2

Learn To Shine The Light When Necessary

With the extravagant cost of electricity, facilities need to rethink when and how they light rooms not constantly in use.

With the cost of electricity one of the biggest pieces of any facility's budget, and with economic times as in flux as they have been in recent years, it is important that facilities do everything they can to ensure they’re not flushing good money after bad.

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November 2012 Feature 3

The Flow Of Restroom Technology

The restroom of the future is here with sensor-controlled fixtures that reduce water wastage.

Walk into just about any new or recently retrofitted commercial facility and you are likely to see sensor-controlled, low-flow restroom fixtures and dispensers. After reading more, take a quiz on the content herein.

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November 2012 Feature 4

Sustainable Education Programs

Information gathering and distribution is evolving as quickly as the role of custodial professional.

December 6, 2012 in Orlando, Florida, will mark CMI's second session of the Sustainable Cleaning for Educational Facilities program held in partnership with Cleaning Consultant Services Inc.

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November 2012 Feature 5

It Pays To Pay Attention To Dispensers

Investing in functional and attractive dispensers will help modernize your restroom while improving health and safety.

A clean and attractive restroom should be the minimum standard; for facilities that want to leave a lasting impression on tenants and visitors alike, an aesthetically pleasing, hygienic restroom should be the goal. Selecting the right dispensers is one way to achieve both objectives.

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November 2012 Feature 6

A Colony Of Microscopic Workhorses

Bioenzymatic cleaners are agricultural facilitators of clean, hygienic surfaces.

Facilities that are cleaned using environmentally preferable products are also becoming more sustainable, ensuring that natural resources are used as efficiently as possible.

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November 2012 Cleanthoughts

The Art Of Trade Show Messaging

Branding de jour at the commercial cleaning industry's largest gathering.

Trade shows are a collective showcase of marketing and branding. Latching on to one of several buzzwords, organizations tout specific offerings or an overall corporate culture.

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Bidding And Estimating

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November 2012 Bidding And Estimating

The Push For Higher Productivity

Achieving high rates of production requires the proper equipment and understanding their use.

The processes and equipment exist today that allow a person to clean at 10,000 square feet per hour or more and do an excellent job.

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Contractor Success

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November 2012 Contractor Success

The Business Of Housecleaning Goes Commercial

Marketing that you are educated as a professional cleaner can gain you respect and generate success.

When we formed the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI), we knew that we needed to develop a program of instruction and certification for technicians and that it would have to be a peer-reviewed, industry-wide accepted program.

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November 2012 Contractor Success

Clean It Or Outsource It?

Contractors want to satisfy their clients' requests and, unaware of the option to subcontract, some take on projects beyond their scope of expertise.

Your decision to outsource or become a subcontractor hinges on a balance of comfort and control versus savings from third-party efficiencies and economies of scale.

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Facility Focus

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November 2012 Facility Focus

Airing Grievances With Restroom Odors

Preventing restroom odors can improve public perception and company profitability.

According to a recent Harris Interactive poll, as many as 94 percent of facility patrons are unwilling to return to an establishment if the restrooms are unsanitary; therefore, achieving a competitive edge begins with cleanliness.

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Tackling Trouble Areas

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Products And Services

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New offerings from equipment manufacturers, chemical formulators and those offerings services to the JanSan industry.

We invite companies and organizations to submit information on new products and services currently on the market or those soon to be available for purchase. We also encourage readers to communicate to us the unique types of cleaning and maintenance challenges they face so we can provide solutions by featuring offerings catered to their needs.

Recycling Containers

Witt Industries
Witt Industries recently made enhancements to their GeoCube family of indoor recycling containers that include a new, larger 36-gallon capacity model, the addition of a recycle blue color as an option on all sizes, an improved bag holder retainer band and a new "combination" top for cans and paper.
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Dilution Management

Betco Corporation
Betco recently announced the newest addition to their Fastdraw chemical management system: The Fastdraw Foamer II, a durable foam gun that utilizes Betco’s exclusive Fastdraw products.
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Wood Floor Finish

Buckeye International Inc.
Buckeye Reflections wood floor program offers the most environmentally safe, volatile organic compound (VOC) compliant, water-based wood floor finishes and high-performance, VOC-compliant, oil-based wood floor finishes on the market.
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Extractor Pump

Cat Pumps
Are your extractor pumps not lasting as long as you would like? Thanks to Cat Pumps, they now can, and retrofitting your existing extractors today is easy.
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Core Products Company Inc.
Core Products Company recently announced the availability of Hydroxi Pro Force D, a hospital-grade, disinfectant and sanitizer registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
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Floor Matting

Crown Mats and Matting
Crown Mats' new green wiper/scraper mats are here. The Eco Plus is made from 100 percent recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fiber that is surface molded to a reinforced, nonskid nitrile/rubber backing that delivers excellent performance in heavy-traffic areas.
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Hand Soap

Deb Group
The Deb Group recently launched GrittyFOAM, the world's first and only heavy-duty industrial hand cleansing foam with suspended bio-scrubbers.
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Hand Dryer

Excel Dryer Inc.
The XLERATOR hand dryer from Excel Dryer is now available with a certified high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration system.
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Stain Remover

HydraMaster Corporation
Red Break 1 from HydraMaster is a red stain remover designed to work on stains caused by any food or beverage with color added.
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Cleaning Caddy

ITW Dymon
ITW Dymon has introduced the SCRUBS Breakroom 6-Pack Caddy, which features six of ITW Dymon's SCRUBS pre-moistened wipes in a convenient caddy designed to make breakroom cleaning tasks easier and more efficient.
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Canister Vacuum

Sanitaire Commercial/Electrolux
The new SC3700 Quiet Clean canister vacuum from Sanitaire features a wide assortment of accessories for bare floor, carpet and detail cleaning.
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Hand Towels

SCA Tissue
SCA Tissue's Tork brand recently announced the launch of its finest collection of hand towels, which includes Premium Extra Soft, Premium and Advanced Soft.
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Tornado Industries Inc.
Tornado's SWB 26/8 battery-powered walk-behind sweeper is the perfect replacement for corded wide-area vacuum cleaners.
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AGM Batteries

Trojan Battery Company
Trojan Battery has added a new absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery to its product family, the 140AH 12-AGM.
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U.S. Products
The HydraPort 100 Dual Cord from U.S. Products is the culmination of a major engineering and design initiative that started with you: The carpet cleaning technicians and JanSan professionals who use portable extraction machines every day.
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Grout Cleaner

Ultra Chem Labs
Tub and Grout Cleaner from Ultra Chem Labs is an unparalleled deep grout soil remover using Ultra's electrolytic cleaning technology.
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A Clean Sweep

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November 2012 Clean Sweep

Big Brother Is Tracking

If your business doesn't have its head firmly in "the cloud," it could be losing valuable assets and time.

The idea of someone watching over us or our things has always been a part of the human culture, usually found in the science fiction section of the bookstore or movie selection.

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Around The Internet

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CMM Online Exclusives

We strive to provide you with relevant information in intriguing, interactive formats that is complementary to what we cover in print. Visit the CMM Community often so you never miss any of our online exclusive content. And, to stay abreast of everything JanSan as it is happening, sign up for the industry’s only daily electronic newsletter, CM e-News Daily, a fun and free way to get the scoop.

November 2012 ATI

Around The Internet

What's new in the CMM Community.

We strive to provide you with relevant information in intriguing, interactive formats that is complementary to what we cover in print.

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Letters To The Editor

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Insight from the JanSan industry.

Each month, we welcome readers to opine on the noteworthy — or even the trivial — aspects of their lives as JanSan professionals. The following is some of the correspondence we have received in recent weeks from letters to the editor, views expressed on our Forum and other industry-related correspondence around the CMM Community.

November 2012 Letters And Views

Letters To The Editor

Insight from the JanSan industry.

Each month, we welcome readers to opine on the noteworthy — or even the trivial — aspects of their lives as JanSan professionals. The following is some of the correspondence we have received in recent weeks.

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Raising Standards

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November 2012 Raising Standards

How To Write A Health And Safety Policy

Ensuring the well-being of your employees is more than good business, safeguarding health and safety is expected.

No matter the size of a company, it will need to have certain procedures or guidelines in place to make sure that accidents are prevented during the course of day-to-day business.

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Consultant's Corner

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Brought to you by the International Custodial Advisors Network (ICAN).

We encourage readers to visit the International Custodial Advisors Network (ICAN) Ask The Experts (ATEX) page and submit questions to the JanSan professionals kind enough to lend their time and expertise by providing free advice and consultative guidance. We feature a different ICAN/ATEX question and answer every business day in the industry's only daily electronic newsletter, CM e-News Daily.

November 2012 Consultant's Corner

The Cleaning Bell Rings

The 2012 ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America trade show draws a crowd from around the world.

Instead of trying to get more people to come the ISSA/INTERCLEAN trade show and fudging the numbers when they don’t show up, we should take the show to the masses via live streaming video on the Internet.

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Fact-based Management

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November 2012 Fact-based Management

Enabled Chemical-free Technologies

Part two of a three-part series exploring the idea of a least harmful cleaning model.

There are three related categories in the chemical-free construct for eliminating chemical residual: Transitional, enabled and fully toxic-free, chemical-free technologies. In the end, after the specific cleaning activity, all achieve a common result in that there is no harmful chemical residual in the air or on any surface.

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