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CMM Webcast Series

2012 marks the fifth year of the absolutely free Critical Issues Online Seminar Series, during which time we have delivered invaluable information from industry experts on the most challenging issues you face.

Since your queries largely drive the content of each webinar — after all, we put these events together for you and your colleagues — we highly encourage you to contact Managing Editor Aaron Baunee at with questions pertaining to any aspects of the webinars we have scheduled for this year.

Questions submitted before each event will be answered by our panel of experts and the content will be weaved into the live webinar.

See below for more details and just click on the seminar title to register.

Please Note:  You will be required to register for the webcast of your choice.  Simply check the seminar you'd like to see, fill out the short form and the show will begin.


September 20, 2012 2:00 PM EDT/ 11AM PDT

Because we understand the importance of constant, effective training for frontline custodians and supervisors alike, these informative 60 minutes will build upon information presented in the 2012 CM/Spotlight: Training. Topics to be discussed by seasoned custodial trainers include effectively communicating content to workers, mixed training to include classroom and hands-on activities, developing a training program for your operation and more.

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Restroom Care
November 20, 2012 2:00 PM EDT/ 11AM PDT

Restrooms, which are literal toxic waste stations, are the number one source of complains in commercial facilities — from end users and building occupants alike. Moreover, the cleanliness of restrooms reflects on the cleaning of the entire facility. We will spend an hour discussing topics presented in the 2012 CM/Spotlight: Restroom Care and bring in several experts to offer tips, including the latest equipment and techniques, that you can utilize to make the most of your restroom care efforts.

Hard Floor Care
May 24, 2012 2:00 PM EDT/ 11AM PDT

As increasing numbers of facilities opt for hard surface flooring over carpeting, your role as caretaker of these surfaces becomes more in-depth and crucial. As seen in the 2012 CM/Spotlight: Hard Floor Care, hard floor care is about more than periodic mopping, occasional strip and refinish processes and periodic project floor care tasks. Because there are numerous nuances pertaining to hard floor care, our panel of experts will spend an hour shedding light on things such as slip resistance, the importance of matting, selecting the proper flooring materials and interim cleaning and maintenance.

Carpet Care
July 26, 2012 2:00 PM EDT/ 11AM PDT

Carpeting comprises more than 70 percent of the flooring in commercial spaces. Carpet is popular both for its aesthetic appeal and its ability to attract and capture soils. But, in order for carpeting to function properly and continue to look nice, it must be effectively cleaned and periodically maintained. This hour-long event will draw from the 2012 CM/Spotlight: Carpet Care and touch on the importance of daily vacuuming and periodic extraction, as well as discuss various maintenance and repair techniques to keep your commercial carpet looking and functioning as if it were new.

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Infection Control

March 22, 2012 2:00 PM EDT/ 11AM PDT

Each day, we face bacterial, fungal and viral threats in commercial buildings around the world. As stewards of public health, it is our responsibility to know which dangers are present and be armed with the tools and knowledge to eradicate pathogens before they cause illness or more severe harm to ourselves and building occupants. Among other things, this 60-minute seminar, an extension of the 2012 CM/Spotlight: Infection Control, will discuss various disinfection strategies and will outline the steps necessary to properly handle an outbreak in your facility.