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Online Exclusive

Finding Real Floorcare Savings

Steps to reduce the expenses involved with caring for hard floor surfaces.
Doug Berjer
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What we are witnessing in recent years is that managers are eliminating the practice of stripping and refinishing floors.

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February 2014 Feature 2

A Better Way To Clean

How microfiber cleaning products help get the job done faster and safer.
Jenn Schneider
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Microfiber cleaning solutions include high-performance dust and wet mop pads, surface cleaning tools, hardware and mopping systems.

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Cleaning With Colors

Eric Gaudet
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Nearly all industries benefit from using colors to clean, including medical centers, hotels, restaurants, schools, daycares and nursing homes.

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December 2013 Feature 4

Avoiding Repetitive Motion Injuries

Choosing the right mop size is as important as selecting the right type of mop for the job.
Brett Haney
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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, RMIs lead to an average of 18 lost work days per injury.

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Baseboard Cleaning: The Hidden Cost Of Floorcare

Mike Englund

Keeping baseboards clean should be considered part of any comprehensive floor cleaning plan.

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Ask The Experts

ICAN/ATEX: What are the trends regarding string mops and microfiber?

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