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Press Release

PC4HS announces Creating Clean, Healthy Schools For Learning

June 9, 2014

“One of the best events school professionals will ever attend.”

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May 2014 Cover Story

Project Cleaning For Schools And Universities

Expert program tips to boost your summer cleaning projects.
May 6, 2014

Tools, task lists, time studies and schedules are all important parts of a successful summer cleaning program.

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Press Release

PC4HS adds to field advisory board

April 21, 2014
Press Release

PC4HS adds to field advisory board

March 18, 2014

Ryan Doschadis added to PC4HS Field Advisory Board.

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January 2014 Feature 2

Finding Freedom In Cleaning

How to achieve flexibility through both process and product.
January 6, 2014

Enslavement to misguided ideas such as “cleaning is for untaught workers” and “here are your keys training” is ending because cleaning is now known to be a measurable science, one with a rigor and accountability best expressed through ISSA’s Clean Standard and IEHA’s Integrated Cleaning and Measurement (ICM) programs.

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CM e-News Daily

PC4HS offers free tips booklet

June 10, 2013

Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools (PC4HS) has announced the availability of a free tips booklet, How to Develop a Cleaning Production System, on its website.

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News from Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools®

May 10, 2013

PC4HS wants to prevent the elimination of jobs by bringing some austerity, as well as a system of green cleaning for health, to schools across the country.

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CMM Online Exclusive

Communicating With The Consortium

A personal note from Rex Morrison, founder of PC4HS.
February 27, 2013

Because of the program’s adaptability, we always find a way to train trainers and leave schools much cleaner and healthier than they were before we came.

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PC4HS Makes New Board Appointments at ISSA

October 29, 2012