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Online Exclusive

Floor Mats As A Prevention Strategy

A white paper explores multiple aspects of a floor mat program.

A white paper includes a number of hard floor care and matting use and upkeep tips.

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June 2014 Cover Story

Piecing Together A Program

Formulating a system to address frequent carpet care challenges.

A carpet care system can benefit facility managers and contractors when it comes to addressing problems.

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Press Release

Getting up to speed on matting terminology

Do you know what a pop bottle carpet is?

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The role of floor mats in preventing slips and falls

New white paper from Cintas reveals how updated regulations will impact your floor maintenance program.

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Proper mat installation tips

CM e-News Daily

From the magazine: Ahead of the floorcare curve

Our April issue offers a number of real-world floorcare tips for both facility managers and building service contractors.

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Press Release

New Crown Mats and Matting website focuses on facts

Site's calculators educate users on the value of mats.

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September 2013 Raising Standards

Explaining The New Floor Mat Standard

What cleaning and maintenance professionals need to know regarding the use, selection and maintenance of entrance mats.

Each year thousands of people are injured as a result of a slip and fall when entering a building entrance, and the first line of defense that most building owners employ is entrance carpet matting.

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August 2013 Feature 6

Green Cleaning Starts With A Source Control Strategy

Matting is a sure way to protect floors and building occupants, while enhancing the green nature of your building.

Facility managers that successfully implement a high-performance matting system as part of a green cleaning program can keep their facilities cleaner and healthier for longer periods of time, which can keep chemical use, green or conventional, to a minimum.

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The five top tips for infection control

Color coding, matting systems, hand washing and proper training can all contribute to an effective infection control program.

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