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EPA Praises Public Venues for Food Waste Reduction

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is giving kudos to venues and businesses that are helping to diminish the amount of food waste they produce.

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Companies on Track to Phase out Certain Chemicals From Cleaning Products

Companies are on schedule to phase out a particular toxic group of chemicals from cleaning and other building maintenance products by the end of 2015.

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November 2013 Tackling Trouble Areas

Pressure Washing And EPA Fines

As the EPA’s influence grows, cleaners and contractors must protect themselves from serious infractions.

When it comes to keeping building exteriors and outdoor structures clean, the recommendation often rests with the custodial professionals and/or building service contractors in charge.

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August 2013 Feature 3

A Guide To Navigating Green Certifications

Finding the most reputable and respected sustainable products can benefit both cleaners and clients.

It’s important to stay afloat on all of today’s green certifications, and identify products that best meet a facility’s sustainability goals.

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