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January 2014 Feature 6

Renewable Cleaning And The Hippocratic Oath

Taking advantage of new technologies and clearing the air on traditional cleaning practices.
David Mudarri
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This principle is being promoted by the “Oath Project” calling for a shift in attitude and orientation of the business community that is embodied in what they call the “Hippocratic Oath for Business” or the “Green Hippocratic Oath” — first, do no harm to the environment.

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July 2013 Feature 7

The ISSA Clean Standard For K-12 Schools

What the standard includes, and why it is a game changer.
Rex Morrison
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According to ISSA, the goal of the Clean Standard is to provide schools with a useful tool that will help them objectively assess and control the level of cleanliness in their facilities.

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Summer K-12 Cleaning Standards And Suggestions

Phillip Lawless
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The top four tips for preventing cross contamination

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Targeting specific areas in an education facility with the appropriate cleaning measures can minimize cross-contamination risks.
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