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July 2014 Maintenance Matters

Outsourcing Facilities Support

Some managers now depend on building service contractors for support functions.

Outsourcing the facilities support function is becoming a trend because it is cost effective for building owners.

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May 2014 Raising Standards

Building On Quality

One cleaning industry principle that should be the cornerstone of your organization.

There is a reason why “Quality Systems” is the first principle listed in ISSA’s Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS).

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Press Release

Pacific Maintenance Company hires new facilities support manager

Julio Rios joins contract cleaning firm to lead new division.

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Online Exclusive

No Posting Without A Plan, part 2

A structured road map to create and manage a successful social media program.

Today, consumers are using social media to convey their thoughts, opinions and queries.

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Press Release

Dalco Enterprises Inc. announces new VP of sales

Scott Johnson brings industry experience in sales management and facility solutions.

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Press Release

'Analytical Solutions' key to future relationships

Two words facility maintenance distributors and their customers are likely to be using much more in coming years are "analytical solutions."

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November 2013 Raising Standards

Want To Win A Pricing War?

Then stay out of it.

While most firms in our industry have always faced competitive markets, the downward pressure on prices seems to be accelerating and, for many, is becoming a way of life.

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Ask The Experts

ICAN/ATEX: What are the pros and cons of becoming a distributor?

June 2013 Contractor Success

Increase Sales By Offering Bundled Services

When you choose to offer your customers services that your competition does not, it automatically puts you a cut above the rest.

There is a way for you to make your company stand heads above all of the other cleaning companies in your hometown market.

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May 2013 Raising Standards

How do you define clean? What is an acceptable quality level?

In a perfect world, customers would see the value ofa clean building and view all associated costs as an investment.

The question our clients ask more frequently than any other question is, “What is the definition of clean?”

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