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Online Exclusive

Finding Real Floorcare Savings

Steps to reduce the expenses involved with caring for hard floor surfaces.

What we are witnessing in recent years is that managers are eliminating the practice of stripping and refinishing floors.

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April 2014 Feature 2

Reducing Floor Maintenance And Noise

Protection steps to minimize upkeep costs and avoid premature replacement.

Floor protectors enable furniture to slide or roll quietly across hard surfaces.

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April 2014 Cover Feature

Ahead Of The Curve

Floorcare tips and trends that offer operational advantages.

Proper floorcare covers a lot of ground — both figuratively and literally — and it is an increasingly important process for a number of reasons.

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National Chemical Laboratories Inc.

National Chemical Laboratories Inc. has announced the introduction of Bare Bones Low Odor all purpose speed stripper.

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Ask The Experts

ICAN/ATEX: Are no-rinse strippers a real option?

April 2013 Feature 3

Cleaning Myths By The Dozen

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining hard surface floors, myths abound that cause confusion and necessitate costly rework.

There are some common myths in the cleaning industry that circulate because they may have been practiced in the past or because a product was promoted based on generalized misconceptions.

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April 2013 Hard Floor Care Case Study: Buckeye International Inc.

Programmatically Providing Exceptional Results

The Buckeye Floor Care Program greatly exceeds expectations for a school district in Southwest Pennsylvania.
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ICAN/ATEX: How can we get out a spot made from spilled stripper solution?

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ICAN/ATEX: How do you care for tile floor under the plastic mats?

Ask The Experts

ICAN/ATEX: What kind of prep work is needed to strip and finish an open staircase?