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Beyond Floors and Fixtures: Identifying Danger Zones in the Restroom

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8/17/17 1:00 pm CST

For facility managers and building service contractors alike, restrooms are indeed, the toughest area to tackle. Yet, they also provide challenges we have a hard time discussing or don’t want to address.

This free, one-hour webcast will address all of the above, discussing areas like restroom stall doors, baby changing stations, feminine hygiene receptacles, faucets, and trash bins. It will teach listeners how to mitigate cross-contamination and enhance their waste management protocol across all facility restrooms.

Listeners will walk away knowing:

  • How to identify the most likely spots for cross-contamination opportunities (caused by both patrons and custodial staff!)
  • How to implementing proper training to ensure the health and safety of custodial staff and restroom users
  • The risks and challenges associated with handling bloodborne pathogens and human waste.


  • J. Darrel Hicks: CEO of Darrel Hicks, LLC and EVS Director at GCI Certified
  • Ann Germanow: Founder, Scensible Source Co., LLC